Savegame issues

Hiya! It seems that saving is impossible for me on Democracy. I go out into the menu, choose to save the game, but when I try to load, my previous save has vanished. Very strange.

Hi, is there a chance this is a file permissions problem? If you are a ‘limited user’ on XP or vosta, maybe the game is having trouble writing the save game to disk. Its also (theoretically) possible the disk is full, but I doubt that.
Does the game not create any save game files? the location depends on if its Win95 or later.
This is for PC not MAC yes?

▬◙→`Issues like “savegame” is really an issue…!↨

taux emprunt

As a Vista user, I can confirm that some games don’t let you save games unless you’re running the program as an admin. I’ve run into several games that have had issues when I’ve been running as a limited user. Democracy 2 was one of them, so I can only assume that Democracy 1 has similar problems.