Saving game causes crash

Ever since I installed the dlc marketing and malpractice, trying to save a game causes the game to crash, with a “Big Pharma.exe has stopped working” dialogue pop up. I believe it has something to do with the fact my user documents folder is located/mapped to a seperate drive to my os.

Win10 PC

List of troubleshooting;

Uninstall and reinstall
Uninstall and reinstall and disable dlc

Deleted game data, mods and saves
Start new game on multiple levels, try to save.

Auto saves don’t work, and are causing a crash at the auto save interval.
The load button brings up the load panel and my list of previous saves.
But clicking save crashes before the save panel shows up.

Any other info you need just let me know. I emailed the support email a week ago but haven’t heard back.

The game is unplayable unless I turn off autosaving and sit down and complete an entire level in one go, with no chance to reload if I miss an achievement, which is such a shame as I really love this game.

Hopefully there’s an easy solution, or something can be done.


Hi Lisa, I’m sorry, your email ended up in my junk folder. I will reply to your email directly. Sorry about the inconvenience.


I am dealing with the same problem. I can see it autosaves occasionally, but it seems like it does crash when it would be about to auto save.

Hey Craigulator, could you post your log file. It will be here (or wherever the game is installed, doesn’t have to be Steam):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Big Pharma\Big Pharma_Data\output_log.txt

Also, have you tried all the advice here?: … 433752053/