Say hello to your new Saviour


Hi there!

I love this community that has been created and I come here to, i’d like to say make the community stand on its feet but since that is done, heavily contribute.

Below there are some things I intend to do and upload here, further information on dates below

ºMade from Scratch unless otherwise specified

//Historical Countries/Countries under someone’s regime:

Modern Roman Empire* (Including the One thousand reasons that led to the decline of this country)
Modern Holy Roman Empire* (We all know it was neither Holy, nor Roman or even a Empire)
Modern German Empire* (Just before the revolution, around 1918)
Weimar Republic 1919-1923 (Years of Crisis)
Weimar Republic 1924-1929 (Golden Years)
Weimar Republic 1930-1933 (Decline)
Nazi Germany (Most likely 1942 since it’s their top year)
Flensburg Government (How much will you last with this ever-falling empire?)
Argentina Under Peron’s Presidency (Will there still be a coup d’estate? Or will you take control of this country following the teaching’s of Peron?)

//Contemporanean-Modern Countries
If they don’t already exist, I’d make:
Hong Kong
Falkland Islands

//Fantasy Countries w/description

-New Order (Help me with the name)
Ultra Conservative, Hyper Atheist, Mega-Patriotic country. Three Quarters Socialist, One Quarter Capitalist (or Half-Half). With a Armed Police Officer in every square (Next to the flag), the Best Spy Network, CCTV Camera’s everywhere there is no such thing as crime in this country. Prostitution, Marihuana and gambling are legal (same as same-sex marriage). Because of the higher standards of education, Racial segregation in jobs and Extreme Nacionalism occur. Can you live up to the Racial Segregation, The Extreme Nacionalism and the Corruption?

-Old Method (Help me with the name)
Ultra Liberal, Ultra Religious, Filled with Ethnic Minorities and Parents. Three Quarter Capitalists, One Quarter Socialists (or Half-Half). Mainly a Liberal country, everyone is free to do what they want and every religion and ethnic minority is considered but crime is an issue. Prostitution, Marihuana and Gambling are banned completely. Education is mainly based on religious texts and schools, but you’ll encounter lots of problems. Can you live up to the Crime, Debt while mainting this country Liberal, Multi-Ethni Religious views?

-TTEc (Tesla’s, Turing’s and Einstein’s country)
Tesla’s, Turing’s and Einstein’s Country. This country, born from money learned by some countries. This Ultra Technologically Advanced country with mixed-middle views of religion is now in Debt.

Liberal and Conservative. Capitalist and Socialist. Environmentalist and Commuter-ist. Can you live up to this country, clean their debt and still maintain what is known as the biggest grey area in the history of politics?

-Tabula Rasa
This one is just every slider set to 0 and the minimum policies available.

-Innatism Country
All sliders far to the right and all policies available.

“Debt-ridden state where voting is compulsory.”
“Military state with a constitutional Monarchy.”
“Socialist and Agricultural country, susceptible to earthquakes”
“Capitalist Heaven”
“Eco-aware state”
“Religious State, susceptible to hurricanes”
“Liberal and Atheist”
-Zambeezia (Zimbabwe?):
"Agricultural and poor with high political apathy "
“Wearlthy and Capitalist”

Some of the countries above will come with new policies! (maybe)


A modpack that unites all countries mods that are in this forum. I’ll later make a specific list on which countries are there.


I want now to talk about some dates and stuff.

Expect nothing until after August 2015. I’m a one man army and this will take loads of time.
The AllCountriesModPack might be released within a week from this post.

Policies are, at least for me, extremely difficult. I’ll post the main idea and if someone can translate the idea to an actual policy that’d be great.

I’ll later make and Update a Master Mod List similar to the one currently available but with actual “maintenance”.

I’ll also make a List of planned mods where everyone can tell us what they are planning and what they need help with

I’ll try to make a Mod that OutMods (is that even a word? like something that outdates another thing but that it outmods it (that is so much more modded)) the Synergy Pack including as much as Mods as I can. I’ll really need help on this one as we’ll have to connect everything to the (currently) three DLC’s. The Mod might be called DeModCracy 3 or The D4 Mod, as it will be so game changing and because it will add a lot of policies.

Also, can we get someone to make an automatic flag maker? The idea would be to have a simple UI where you simply place the Image and decide if you want the, the flag.jpg or the flag_details.jpg with the cool effect, this will make Flag making WAY more easier than what it is and I don’t think it’s that hard to make it.

And finally there are four things I want to ask the developers of this game to do/tell us how to do it. Please I ask you, member of this community, to help as much as you can on the making of the 4 things i’ll ask below if possible. Remember this is for the greater good and who knows someday we’ll actually get a Super Democracy 3!! (I’m not saying it’s not superb, I mean superb-er)

  1.     Dear Lord Cliffski, We need Help
  2.     So, in order to add a good and pretty stable AllCountriesMod and a usable DeModCrazy (The Crazy Mod I was talking 'bout earlier)
  3. We need to create a new Country Selection UI. The Idea would for it to be Small Squares in Grid Shape (Bonus points if adjustable) and
  4. in order to get more info on the country you must mantain your mouse over the country for the same amount of seconds as in the
  5. policies (where you maintain and see the “flow”) and then the country and it’s description would take the entire screen (or a big bunch). It’d be cool if the hover mouse over object was also adjustable.

2 ) This Pls,
2 )So, I want to do some Historical Countries and some policies are way more contemporaneous/futuristic. Airline Tax and others would’ve not exist in
2 )say the Roman Empire Era. Anyway of removing them from the game? As in them not appearing with certain countries selection or them affecting
2)nothing. It’d be preferred them not even appearing but do as you can. Also, can some policies be Achieved? As in appearing only if certain
2)circumstances, for example It’d be ridiculous to create a policy on drones if you are not even technologically prepared to have drones. Or developing new Military Technological Advances if technology was under-evaluated.

3 ) Songies!!!
3 )Ok so. I had this wonderful Idea. The song after sometime (although really cool) it became repetitive so, what if the music could (optionally) depend
3)on the country you are using. Imagine if Winning the USA Elections changes the background noise to the USA Hymn and some fireworks effect.
3 )Or maybe when you are normally playing with Germanny here behind both the democracy music and the Hymn (once at a time, of course).

  1. TheModCrazy (De(The)-Mo(Mod)-Cracy(Crazy) DLC. After we finish doing the the Super Mega Mod Pack, can it PLEASE be released as a DLC?
    4)A Modpack of that complexity and size may be chaotic for some people so maybe for some extra bucks you can release them from all the pain and
    4)give them like A-LOT of new countries and policies. It can even be at the cost of half-game if it’d be still available free. It would be really nice
    4)specially since I know that you’d look carefully if there is any mistake in the policies or missing relationship.

So yeah! That’s it, our/my first post and my first #CliffskiPlzDoDis4Me. Also, notice that is outdated since Democracy 3 is not present. So yeah, I’ll do the lists I’ve got to do now, have a nice day everyone, today flourishes the first day of our notrly-Revoultion!!

EDIT: I forgot to mention I’ll also revive an old malfunctioned SSSR/USSR Country Mod


I was creating a mod on fascism, and is almost ready, and I thought to do a mod on the Arab-Jewish war on a democratic reform of capitalism and banking system. good to know that more has a new modder : )


I do already have seven country mods published in the Steam Workshop and I believe they would be a great asset to the country pack