Scenario 3 - Tight Budget - Done Day 4

Hi Cliff - So I was playing around with the scenarios - and wanted to see what would happen if I did the Minimum on this one - So I did, Made a Basic Line

This is all I built - and Just Set the Price on the basic Model at 100k - Sold my 50 Luxury Cars

No Upgrades, No Enhancements, I did apply some Discounts to sell them, based on time, and Defects

But Finished it off with no issues, Now Granted, this is not the most fun, but It does show that some consumers are mad at their money, and will buy anything that is labeled luxury. :smile:

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ya a trick I do early on is to max price a stock car and then discount it by 5% every hour it stays in the showroom. you will get people that spend like $150,000 because you are the only manufacturer in their area or something, not sure how cliff has simulated it, but it makes sense if you think about it that way. basically bullying the customers into buying it because their lifespans are too short to wait a few days for the business to go bankrupt. its like they must buy a car because of some kind of time pressure situation. not sure if this is entirely intentional but it does allow you to mess with prices quite a bit if you are patient enough and have the money to dodge your bills for a day or two.
if it works the upside is that you have a backlog of cars to be sold, so you have a little bit of time if you need to rearrange your factory. still not a fan of deleting cars on conveyors, I wish they reappeared on the conveyor somehow, maybe need a new import location for that then you can give the player the option to recycle the materials or not.