Scenario Design Documentation

Is there any documentation for the scenario and deployment parameters?

There isn’t scenario and deployment documentation out there (yet) :frowning:

I don’t have much written about scenario creation… specially for the deployment because is way faster doing this:
deploy the fleet you want in the game in that scenario, save that deployment with the desired orders & distribution, copy that deployment text file from the gsb saved files to the corresponding deployment folder and rename it with the appropiate name (see the names from the vanilla files to know the exact names depending the scenario type). Finally, change angle (facing left is 270) and the 1st number in the pos line (to mirror the ship deployment do this for every ship’s first number in the pos line mapsizex-pos where the 1st valor is the x size of the scenario and the second valor is the original x ship position).

If you have a question about what an exact line in the scenario file does, ask and maybe I’ll have the answer :wink: As I said I don’t have much written but I tested a bunch of the options.

well, there is an old thread that still applies to how you make scenarios:


That is helpful. I plan to make some scenarios based upon historical naval battles. For example, the Battle of the River Platte easily translates into a battle between 3 frigates and 1 cruiser.

no problem :slight_smile:

I like your style. I’m more of a Great War man, myself. Many of my battles already turn into Dogger Bank quite unintentionally. Doing it on purpose takes a bit more effort. :wink: