Scenario Editor

So, looking through the configuration files of the game, I found that it should be easy enough to add settings/scenarios to it, however you also need to add language definitions and installing/keeping track of multiple different additions would be a pain.

So my idea was to make a scenario editor where one can create new settings or modify existing ones, as well as automatically applying selected additions to the game files.

Would there be any interest in such a tool or any who would be interested in contributing?
Language and platform of choice would be C#/.net, as that allows direct interfacing with the game code, if needed.

That’s a neat idea and actually what I spent my time on last weekend :smiley:
I finally build a rough, but working prototype.
The good thing about is that it didn’t modify the game files permanently. Vanilla and user-created files are seperated. Once the game is started via the launcher all files are combined into a single “”-file.
After the game was closed it will restore the defaults.

I’m going to create a new topic later, in which I post more details. But for now here are some screenshots:

Oh that’s nice, I’ve just been warning people about changing the vanilla files. I’m actually planning on adding and official “mods” folder in time which will allow you to switch between mods in-game with a little error checking, but for now, I like your solution.

That is cool! what program did you use to make that? I’ve been wanting to make an external-interface mod for a game for a while now. I know what variables I want to move where, what I want to be adjustable (it’s in xml) but I don’t really know where to start in making an executable to alter them.

I’m programming it in C# using Visual Studio (and MS .Net).

Using Mono or Java might be a better approach if you want to provide multiplattform suport.
But I haven’t used Mono (outside of Unity) and Java at all, so I can’t say much about them.

Just out of curiousity, what game are you talking about?

GalCiv3. I want to make a tech-tree editor for custom factions and a ship blueprint designer.

Got kinda obsessed with modding that over the past few weeks - never made a mod before but I’ve put out 4 this month.

I’m gonna have to take a look at the code for this game at some point - it’s damned fun, but honestly I haven’t found much I want to change yet :smiley: