Scheduling new cars - issue for new players and even veterans

Not sure if this would be too much programming effort. But going to the first station to adjust schedules is a bit janky. I think you should be able to adjust car schedules by having an additional tab in the car design window as well. It is just so easy to build new cars and then forget to schedule them until an hour later and 100 cars produced, you see none of your new cars have made it through the line.

Or there could be a warning message, “You’ve created a new car model but have not scheduled it’s production”. Having either one of these would be extremely helpful for new players, and would help us seasoned players remember, because we’re just not accustomed to clicking on stations much.

I have to agree that clicking on an individual station is a bit cumbersome.

A separate ‘Production’ scheduling tool would be handy. Perhaps linked to the ‘Car Design’ and 'Fit Axles" slot so that I can open it it either way?

Agree - took me ages to work out how to add new features to my models - am I correct that if you make a new model and schedule say 20 vehicles after a run of 20 it reverts back to the basic model?

Only those vehicles which are listed in the specific production schedule will be built. The numbers indicate the frequency rate at which a vehicle is produced. If you have more than one vehicle listed in the production schedule and wish to produce more of that one than the other , then tweaking the numbers will help.

IE, Budget sedan 20 and Luxury Sedan 1(loaded into production schedule), means that 20 budget sedans will be manufactured and then 1 luxury sedan followed by another 20 budget sedans.

Vehicles not listed in the production schedule of the “Fit Rear Axle” station, will not be built at that station until included in the Production Schedule.

I’d also like to point out it is super hard, sometimes near impossible to click that tiny, tiny drop-down arrow to try and find the cars you want to add on a hi-resolution monitor.

I think it would be a good idea to able name the start of your production lines and have a tab in the menu where you can adjust things on the fly and also stop start the line. Once your map gets busier its a lot harder to adjust schedules as you have to find all the of your lines.

Here’s a pic I posted in the other thread. Kinda looks bad as it gets compressed. But it is painstaking to click the tiny arrow and make additions when you have more than a couple cars.

I’m aware that this GUI is not my finest hour! In my defense its way better than it used to be. Also I’m working on a new permanent pop-up over the starting slots (see below) which at least makes it way easier to find those slots and see what is going on:


We definitely need a much better scheduler. its on my list of improvements to make.