Screen Cut off


I just purchased the game via Steam for my Surface Pro running Intel HD 4000, Win 8 x64.
Seems to be a wonderful game, but although it says it’s running in full screen it has the border window around it, and the very top of the screen is cut off (the portion that tells what display you are viewing, or presumably what the top right most icons are for).
Looking around the forums I found a config.muf to try to change the full screen thinking this may help but it makes no difference. Unfortunately even though it’s only the top 1/8 of the screen which is cut off, due to the nature of the content there it makes the game un-playable. I have tried switching resolutions on my computer as well with no success. Can you please help, I would really love to enjoy this game , especially as I hear a third iteration is going to be coming.

Thanks in advance,