Screen is blank except for menu options at the bottom

I am not sure whether this is because I recently updated my video drivers in aid of making another game run better or because I got the updated version of GSB the other day, but the screen is now entirely white except for the very bottom edge where the “Battle” et c. buttons are. However, clicking on any of those buttons crashes the game. Here is the debug file I have:

4/2/2010 - 2::3 - D3DERR_INVALIDCALL
4/2/2010 - 2::3 - CreateDevice
4/2/2010 - 2::3 - Error creating texture:[rt_transition]
4/2/2010 - 2::3 - Assertion failure:filename:…\src\GUI_Transition.cpp,linenum:65,build:Full 1.31

Anything I can do to fix this?

This could be video card driver related. The transitions are easily turned off, but the earlier error suggests a more fundamental failure to initialize directx. I presume you have rebooted (sometimes video cards are left in a corrupt state which is solved by rebooting). The clearest way to rule out drivers is to revert to earlier ones, reboot and run again. What card do you have? the latest nvidia drivers definitely work with the game.