Screen Resolution issues

I hope I’m posting this in the correct place. I bought democracy 4 early access on steam, having greatly enjoyed Democracy 2, Democracy 3, and Democracy 3 Africa. Now, I checked my democracy 3 Africa, and it seems to have no problems with my setup, where I typically play games on what windows has decided to name “display 2” on my system, which is 1360 x 768. This is marked as my “main display” on windows. I have a second monitor, which windows has decided is “display 1” which uses display resolution 1768 x 992. Democracy 4 lists screen resolution options all with “display 1” after them, and indeed includes a 1768 x 992 option. However, the game seems determined to appear on my “main display”, like most games, but wants to display in resolutions for my “display 1” monitor. I think this is is confusing the game which is what causes the issues, but I don’t have these kind of issues with the previous titles. As it is now it’s difficult for me to find a resolution where everything displays on screen on either of my screens, and seems impossible to find a full screen option where this happens.

Hi, it sounds like you might be better off editing the actual prefs.ini file here:
/my documents/my gmes/democracy 4/prefs.ini
you can set the screen res, fullscreen choice and also which display the game uses by editing that file. make sure its still saved as an ini file and not a text file when saving.

Thanks. That helped and I was able to resolve my issue by editing that file directly.

Just to expand on the issues I was experiencing I also realized I was also running into difficulty because my “display 1” was also scaled to 125% in windows as well. If there’s a way to make democracy 4 recognize which display is the “main display” and to either ignore or take into account scaling so as to end at the right resolution, that might resolve the confusion the game seemed to experience in my case.

thanks again.