Screen Resolution?

Despite the fact that the graphics look rather “bitmappy” will all the usual resolutions be supported? If so, will high resolutions see more on screen or will you just be “expanding” the graphics to suit? Personally I’m hoping that you will support high resolutions AND with a wider view area… :slight_smile:

There is a fixed zoom in and out, but a wider screen will mean more viewable area for the battle scenes. The ship design and deployment GUIs all work differently in terms of higher resolutions. 1024x768 is currently min res, but I might try and code a workaround for 600 height netbooks.
Currently the ship design creen will have a 1024x768 window in the middle of the screen containing the design interface.
I use a big 1900x1200 res monitor so I’m hoping to support it running natively on that for the battles :smiley:

Excellent news :slight_smile: Don’t forget 2560x1600!!

I’m stuck at 1440x900 for the next half-year at least. I’ve no funds to afford the new, non-TN-type screen I want for critical graphics work at home. I hope that this will be sufficient to still enjoy the game. Sometimes I really miss having a huge old CRT that I could boost above 1600x1200, even though the thing weighed as much as a boat anchor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to be able to play this on my 1024 x 576 hp compaq mini altho the odd resolution - so restricting in most games :smiley:
Love the game so far on my regular pc!