Screen Size in Windowed Mode

Having a habit of playing games in a work setting, I like to run them in windows where possible to facilitate switching screens (especially given GSB’s tendancy to blackscreen/lockup when alt+tab’d out of during battles).

While there is a windowed mode, running the game in a window while at 1600x900 resolution with a desktop that’s 1600x900 resolution works as a good alternative. Except that the window frame takes up a little bit of space, which pushes the game menu off the bottom of the screen. While it’s understandable (if slightly disappointing) if this is the intended result, this result makes it -quite- difficult to revert, because of the aformentioned loss of menu access. It took some careful window manipulation to get back to options and lower the resolution.

Ok, scrub the above. Just updated to 1.12, and that issue’s fixed.

Though, now, in windowed mode while maximized, the menu buttons aren’t seeming to work. Works fine in a standard, non-maximized window, though.