Screenplay writing questions

My character is an actress, and I just found out that she can now write a screenplay if she stays at home…i usually gets about 7-9% done per night.

What unlocks being able to write a screenplay for your character?
Was there any notification that you can now write a screenplay, and I just missed it?

Is there any sort of reason as to when your character can and cannot write to their screenplay?

My character wrote one, and it sold. Do they always sell? If not, What are the odds of it selling or not selling?
How long do the royalty checks continue to roll in?

Nice to see another layer of the game unfold…I completely missed anything similar in my first game when I was playing a TV Chef.

A combination of culture and acting experience unlocks this option. The screenplay quality is based on your writing experience. Basically the first play sucks, and the rest get better and better over time. It’s theoretically easily moddable to add other factors that will effect this.
Royalty streams go down over time, and the quality sets the level of expected royalty. It can also be a failure that isn’t picked up by anyone, and that can depress you :smiley:
There are several things in the game like this that are deliberately not announced, so that people discover them as they play.

I had a question, is there any condition in which your character should lose the ability to write a screenplay? Such as perhaps your culture level becoming too low? The other night I had just written a 4th screenplay I believe, and it wasn’t picked up. Beside the large depression hit that my character took, I also have not seen the option for writing any further screenplays.

Yes that sounds like your culture dropped below the required level.