This game needs an option to run it as a screensaver. Random army or deployment or even downloaded vs a similarly random army, running, and then on conclusion, loop to another battle. Maybe even a talley to keep track of how many times each fleet has won.

This would be relatively easy to implement, and would make it very, very, awesome.

I thought about this. How about one extra step: Every time a ship is destroyed a random ship of that class from your custom built ships/pre built ships spawns in from off screen. This would create an endless battle

it would be nice if there was an auto-panning function too to follow the action but that might be harder to implement haha maybe stick with some keyboard hotkeys that don’t disable the saver

Battleships forever has this on the menu screen, and I think I like watching it more than actually playing the game >_<

I like the idea, but there are some serious bugs/balance issues that need adressing first. It would be cool, but isn’t very high priority.

Lots of things to do first, I agree…but yeah, this really speaks to those of us attracted to the Monte Carlo style simulation.
I would dedicate a computer to that very screensaver in my computer room.

Darwin bots crossed with GSB clearly.

But in all seriousness, this wouldn’t take a long time to implement, and it would be oh so very cool and add a lot of enjoyment. More so than figuring out some very tricky balancing (which is also important of course). Either one’s good though.

This is a brilliant idea. I’d have it running constantly in screensaver mode while i’m doing other stuff. Would have to have an option to disable sound, though, so you could have media player playing music as well.