screenshots not saving?

Since the start of the month my screenshots no longer save to the folder. I registered my game in the time frame since last successful screenshot, could that have done anything?

I figured it out now, and I feel silly…

Since GSB saves the files with a name that includes the date in a DD-MM-YY format, this month’s screenshots are at the top of the list, not the bottom…

Where does GSB save screenshots and is there a specific hotkey that takes screenshots? So far I’ve been having to pause, use the Print Screen key, ALT-TAB, and past to Paint because I’ve been unable to discover any other method.

For the Windows Version:
\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles

Whenever you hit the screenshot button in-combat (it’s in the combat GUI, next to mini map) or print screen key anywhere the image will be saved to the folder Darkstar mentioned. Computer games are often designed not to make players do what you do.

Hmm. I thought I’d looked there before but hadn’t seen anything. But I looked just now and there they all were.