Script Tweaking

Im looking around at the scripts in the program files and a few possibilities come to mind but Im not very good with code and so I wanted to ask about something specific first to get the hang of it.

In the \Kudos 2\data\simulation\scripts directory there is a lost_a_friend script with the following contents:

ApplyEffect(loneliness,0.1,_LONELINESS_DEGRADE,lost a friend);
ApplyEffect(happiness,-0.15,_HAPPINESS_DEGRADE,lost a friend);
ApplyEffect(confidence,-0.12,_CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE,lost a friend);
ApplyEffect(kudos,-0.06,_KUDOS_DEGRADE,lost a friend);

Now I have a good idea what each of the numbers do but im not 100% positive. Ive already backed up the simulation directory so im not too woried but lets say for example I wanted to decrease the amount of Confidence lost when you lose a friend to say, 0.5. I assume that the change I need to make is:

ApplyEffect(confidence,-0.12,_CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE,lost a friend);


ApplyEffect(confidence,-0.05,_CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE,lost a friend);

Would this cause me to only lose .05 confidence when I lose a friend instead of .12 confidence?

You are correct. The second variable in that list, CONFIDENCE_DEGRADE, is a measure of how quickly you will regain your lost confidence. The higher that number is, the slower you will regain your confidence. A value of 1 means that you will never regain the lost confidence. You may be able to change that to something like 0.1 to get all of your confidence back very quickly after losing your friends.

ok thanks for the help.