Seat slot in need of rebalancing.

With all the new components, the Fit Seats slot needs some tweaking. If adding lots of options there is little room to keep that station stocked as it now needs seats, airbags, heaters, and sensors.

IMHO A new slot should be added, 'Fit Dashboard" which you’d need the satnav, in-car music player, heater, and passenger airbag, possibly integrating this slot into the Aircon slot. And why is the climate control system so expensive? Wouldn’t that just be two sensors and some software?

The steering wheel assembly should include airbag.

We are now in desperate need of Make slots for all components. Airbags, climate controllers, etc are SO expensive to buy that it would make sense to make those in-house.

Make slots for servos, sensors, etc. would be welcome as my resource importers are saturated with stuff I can’t make locally.

Thankyou for the feedback. Its a fair point that we can definitely move the airbag into the steering wheel. I guess it would make sense to have a new ‘heated seat’ component (after all, presumably the wiring for them isn’t done at the production line but in the seat assembly), and have the extra component required by ‘make seats’ rather than fit seats.

Excellent idea…

I do think a once-over of all the slots and sorting out what makes sense, what works, and what is simply illogical would be best to do now rather than after you add more vehicle options.

For example, Rims+Tires = Wheels… Fit Brakes -> Fit Wheels. Not Fit Rims -> Fit Tires -> Fit Brakes.

BTW just added a fit dashboard task for 1.13, it does indeed make more sense :smiley: