Seats, Party Ideology and Opposition. A bunch of suggestion because I love this game

It would be interesting for the final version of the game or for a DLC adding two things:
1)The seats of parliament.
2) Position of the party
3) Playing as the opposition.
The first one is very essential when you play a game like in Italy or Spain, where you have to make a coalition government. You have to pay attention when you want to pass, decrease/increase, or eliminate a certain policy, because, you could not have the number of seats to reach an agreement.
The second one is about the ideology of the party. In the current version, you have to choose the name and stop, nothing else. You could point on the political compass the ideology of your party and also the opposition one when you decide the setting for the game. This could give you some bonus and malus when you choose a certain policy.
The last one is playing as the opposition. It’s always democracy and you have to convince the citizens to vote for you and try to stop the government party.

I would like to know what do you think about this.