Secret societies and espionage

A very nice novelty would be to add the depth of unofficial secret societies such as freemasonry, neo-templars, corporations, new world order etc.

Introduce a focus or seek “hidden” consensus for the elections which could damage the reputation if the media or population find out. Another interesting thing is espionage and counter-espionage. That would be really cool! how can you build it?

Thanks for this game masterpiece!


Having espionage would make the game too complex forthe average user, it would not be in the spirit and out of the scope of the game (government sim) and would be problematic for Cliff to design, balance and maintain.

Having said that, intelligence agencies are a thing in game. So low funding for intelligence agencies leads to foreign espionage on your country, poor speech rights and media monopolization leads to fake news and conspiracy theories which polarizes the population and the trustworthiness mechanic along with the cynicism and complacency model which reflects the general mood of society with your behaviour.


Then it would be interesting to create non-governmental status if the elections go wrong. You could create a non-governmental component by automatically running the winning government’s shifts and using political propaganda and some interesting options to take the government down. So you can also be in the opposition and not just in a governmental status. It would be very interesting to give maximum depth. I also believe that it is well connected with the game structure and for the developers


I don’t know about this. Additional granularity is something which Cliff has resisted in the past (as with local government or playing as the opposition), due to the level of complexity it adds to the game, so you should address this concern with him.