see challenges you've submitted to others

I just sent a challenge to someone (cool anti-fighter squad AlexV, I’ve sent you a fighter anti-anti-fighter squad to match) and I just noticed that I don’t actually see the challenge myself.

It would be quite nice if you could see the challenges you’ve posted to specific people so that
(A) You know it submitted ok
(B) You can delete it if you messed it up
© You can see you put the right name down :smiley:
(D) You can see if they liked it / played it

Also, I was curious. If you delete a public challenge that you put up… Does that just hide it for you, or remove it for everyone?

deleting a challenge deletes it entirely from the server, although if someone had downlaoded it, the file still exists. Not sure what happens tbh if they then play it… hmmmm.
Anyway, you can tick the ‘posted’ checkbox on the challenge browser to just see the list of challenges that you have posted yourself. is that doing what you wanted?

Posted only seems to show challenges sent to All, not personal ones. At least it isn’t showing the ones I sent to dogthinker :slight_smile:

In any case, dogthinker:
a) yes, it submitted OK.
b) You can’t delete it now, I’ve downloaded it already, too late! :-p
d) I didn’t rate it (as I knew no-one would be able to see the rating), but yes, I did enjoy it. I think the more balanced/varied fighter approach is superior to simply swarming lots of fast-lasers, and makes fighter defence more nuanced. I tried a whole bunch of variations against it, from the straight forward sticking another anti-fighter frigate into the squad (does the job, but no longer cost-effective against the cost of the fighters it’s countering), to more esoteric armouring ideas. In the end, I stuck an ECM on the cruiser, and substituted the frigates for a second cruiser, as the smaller overall number of fighters means less raw fire-power required. I’ve sent you that back if you want to take a look.

It will be interesting to see the balance changes in 0.18 - I’ve used the Achilles fighter quite a lot myself so some redesigning looks like it’s on the cards!

The issue was that it’d be nice to be able to have some control / feedback over challenges you send to an individual.

The current behavior is:
Send a challenge to everyone: Can delete, can see the rating, win/loss etc to get feedback on how your challenge was recieved.
Send a challenge to an individual: No control, no feedback, at all (unless they send you a challenge back… thanks Alex, can’t play it till I complete some more missions though, as I decided to ‘restart’ to see how the new revamped unlock felt like :slight_smile: )

I’m fixing it now (at the server) which will let you see challenges you posted to other people. I have plans to do more than that in a later patch (likely after the game is declared released)

edit: Done, and tested briefly. You can refresh and see challenges you posted correctly now. yay for learning more SQL syntax :smiley:

Cool :smiley:

It’s awesome being able to give feedback and seeing some of it help shape the game.

And now I can see Alex liked my challenge enough to try it 25 times!! It took me a good few times to beat his counter (it’s a fighters vs cruisers/frigates duel, verifying that antifighter weapons work well enough) with close to his resource spend… But along the way I learned the rather nasty fact that fighter rockets do a great job at overwhelming point defenses, to give the fighter torpedoes a chance to drill through all that superheavy armour. :smiley: Could really do with some ‘hold formation until contact with the enemy’ type of order though, it was a nightmare stopping the rocketeers arriving too long before the slower torp fighters could arrive (I had to start the rocketeers in the map corner, and deliberately weaken them with a slower engine and hull than usual.)

Seconded. Oh, so very seconded. I like a fast-frigate swarm, but can I tell the things not to dash ahead of the front line and let themselves get picked off before the artillery arrives? Oh no. They’re far to eager for that. If you do convince them to follow the leader they get into a sulk and don’t even try to dodge incoming fire.

Yeah, I enjoyed trying several strategies against those fighters :-). I usually play maps many times as after I’ve beaten it; I like to try removing a ship here, tweaking another there to try and minimise resource expenditure too, or sometimes just to experiment with alternative strategies.

Thanks for the update to see posted challenges, Cliffski!

It’s not too bad with frigates etc., as you can just put a uber-cheap, uber-fragile ship a little ahead as the ‘helmsman’ of the fleet. When the enemy are about to come into range of your lines, this little canary dies and your ships can break formation… Although they still can’t fall back onto ‘keep moving’ orders.

Trouble is, this isn’t a good option for fighters. Formation orders and fighters do not mix well, unless you like your immobile fighters to die in the first pass if the enemy isn’t quite so cautious with their own fighters. And of course it’s impossible for a little challenge like this, where I’m not allowed to use anything except fighters.

Yeah, it’s the keep-moving thing that’s a problem. I think I’ve seen that discussed elsewhere in the forums, if you have them formate on a leader, then after they’ve broken formation they don’t bother dodging incoming fire and just sit there and take it.

I’m trying out your reply challenge now - I like the way the three fighters all come together from the corners, a nice sort of balletic elegance. I suspect beating it without using defensive fighters or going over-budget is going to be tricky :slight_smile:

Arrgh! Challenges are case sensitive! I was wondering why you didn’t seem to have received my reply to your latest challenge. I’ve sent it again, this time with a capital D :-/