See how your campaign fleets do

If one of your fleets was used in the campaign and set up against other players, it would be nice to see the results as one would with a challenge.

it might also be cool to see replays of battles.


I agree, I need to look at the database to see how easy it is to query this and display it in a webpage. It could be pretty cool.
I’m imagining a page where you type your username into a form, hit submit and it shows you a summary page of your fleets, how often they got used and what the outcome was.
The problem is, you won’t have much idea what fleet is what, because they will just be random ids :frowning:

I agree with th general idea though, it would definitely be cool.

Maybe it would be enough of an identifier for the player if it displayed the number of each ship type?


“Random ID Fleet 1” - 200 fighters 10 cruisers, win%, ect…

also like :slight_smile:

Well if you wanted to get really funky, you could display the ships in their deployment layout.

Take a screen shot of every ship (generic shot, 1 Panther, 1 Tiger, etc…), and based on their saved deployment in the database arrange them in HTML(floating CSS or other techniques) so that they appear as they would when playing the game.

That would make it easy to see what fleet it was. Way more PHP/HTML/CSS work, but it would look really cool (to prospective game purchasers as well).

Having played the campaign longer that anyone else I love to see Cliffski’s big federation fleets at the start of a battle - I have fought them so many times I recognize each one on sight.