Seeking modder to add Russia in the game

Salutations. In the democracy 4 steam workshop there is no mod for Russia. Of course. there is a mod that adds a lot of states but in my opinion they are badly done. I am willing to translate into my language for free. Just upload it to steam.

See you later!!!

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Why not check up with the guys who made the China, Hungary or the South America Mod, maybe they can help you?

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Adding a country doesn’t mean they would know the localization, sadly.

Hmmm…that’s true, maybe they could find someone? FranzTroll can translate it to Italian.

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I asked the modder of China but he is not interested in doing Russia since he does not think he has something very interesting. Yes, I can translate it into Italian, just send me the texts.

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I don’t have any texts. But all the text files should be within the game. I’m sorry, but I guess that you’ll have to ask somebody else to make Russia for you.

I meant the modder to send me. not you xD