Self-Employment Legacy Issue

Legacy issue from D3

Self–Employment should reduce unemployment?

High-Level (really professional entrepreneurship) entrepreneurship to soak up excess unemployment.

Could be an effect which gets triggered with high number of self-employed and policies which benefit them?

Does self-employment reduce unemployment? - ScienceDirect

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Self-Employment, State-Employees, Retired, Commuter affects employment!

Oh, in real life when a nation has high employments rates, it was actually dragging up the economy because there weren’t people taking job positions as everyone was employed and a solution for this was immigration! Democracy 3 mod by Gikgik: Situation overhaul: New Good Situations, Merger of Bad Ones - #5 by Gikgik

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I didn’t know this. I don’t see any direct correlation in D4 between higher self-employment membership and lower unemployment. As for the mod, I haven’t played it but it sounds interesting!

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Self-employment actually doesn’t affect employment? Bureaucracy is a lie???

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This sentence is complete!

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