Selling Price confusion

I noticed yesterday that I had 150 cars waiting to be sold, and I couldn’t sell them, (even when I reduced the margin to 0%, but that might be a bug?)

I only had one model that I was selling, so I was thinking maybe they’re low spec cars, that I can’t sell because my price was set at the current high sec level?

It might be nice to have some way of linking the unsold cars with their individual price, so that I can dump the old unsold ones, and keep the new, high spec cars at the high spec price? Or maybe a 25% discount button on each one?

Or even a stock sale button, so cars in stock sell cheap, but the new models still sell at full price?


I also reached the part where the game will not sell the cars, but it was not because of selling price or vehicle premium optionals

It actually sells them, but in short bursts with long dead periods ( was at ~7xx cars/h and had a 1500 - 2000 cars stock, then in 2-3 mins of gametime got to 0, and so on )

Hi, it is actually possible to discount cars and sell them below 0%. Note that this does not necessarily mean you are selling at a loss, just selling below market price, which is the price your competitors are selling at. if you are really efficient, you should be able to pull that off.

the price of the cars and the configuration was the same for each spike

hmmm interesting, maybe some weird result of the code. I’m just uploading 1.21 which does change this code in various ways, so its possible it may fix it, but if not I’d love to see a save game.

Sounds very similar to what I’m experiencing.

I’m finding that after a while I stop selling cars, and I eventually go bankrupt, no matter how much I try to bring the price of the car down.

I tried putting the price down to -100% (giving them away), and even -540% (giving someone $100,000 to take the car off my hands) but the stock didn’t depleat.