Separate survival leader boards for separate races

I just got top listing in the Orion survival map. I’m not going to say it was easy, because it wasn’t. I was pretty lucky. However, I was using the star wars race. I’m not sure how balanced that mod is compared to the rest of the game. In fact, that fleet might be at a disadvantage there since you can’t use fighters and the star destroyers are f****** expensive. Still, a mod is a mod and I’m wondering if there shouldn’t be a separate leader boards for separate races and stuff.

Or maybe have basic leaderboard and mod leaderboard?

I was going to say that, but a mod leader board still wouldn’t ensure that everyone has the same materials available to them. Still, none of this solves the problem of ridiculously over-powered mods being used with the regular races. I’m not sure if there’s already some security in place to ensure this doesn’t happen besides people’s morals (hah!) but since I was able to use the Star Wars race to win I’m guessing not. The best solution at this point would be to have a leader board for every officially approved race, assuming a mod race CAN be officially approved.