sequel engine idea - Dem3:MONEY


these political games crop up every so often and each time, i am stirred by the possibility that a game can not only be engaging but educational… give you real insight into how a complex system works. if there’s any aspect of a game that can be educational, it is indeed in illuminating the MECHANICS OF A COMPLEX SYSTEM.

but most of the games fail because:

  • they believe in the superficial fluff.
  • they believe the issues are about what the actors SAY they’re about.
  • they’re not cynical enough.


it’s all about money. and how the exchange of money buys STUFF. like - influence, exposure, position, elections, etc. you can base the ENTIRE mechanics of the game based on the movement and influence of money and the game would be VERY accurate. and not only so but very illuminating to people.

the magazine “THE ECONOMIST” has a sublime philosophy - that you can understand the heart of every issue by “following the money”. this is no more true than in the political realm.

not only would it be accurate but it would streamline the logic of the engine. EVERYTHING is based on money. every other attribute or consideration. they wear lots of faces like media exposure, campaign contributions, outright corruption, campaign issues. but EVERYTHING is divisible by money.

and then you can have a “greed meter” so that you have to get money to win but can’t SEEM like you’re taking money or lose public favor…

the system can be complex but because money drives every consideration, it can be elegant.

anyhoo, i hope that if you guys make future versions of the game, you would give consideration not only to the smoke and mirror of the day’s issues - but tackle the blood and guts essence of what you strive to represent.


That seams like an ideal system of the U.S only. Yes money does buy those things described but things like influence and exposure its not the only reason politicians are elected.