Sequel. what would you like?

If you want to steer away from the killing that fills up just about every other game out there, at least have some sort of competition like a popularity rating. Personally I’d rather not have to worry about space pirates, ontop of already existing ship malfunctions and getting towed to a criminal-infested spaceport :wink:.

  • Mike

Not to start a PBM war… :wink:
But, you mean the clone of VGAP called stars 8)
(one of many)

Just a few small suggestions…I apologize if any of these have already been discussed

First, I think that droids are a bit too cheap for the benfits they provide…should be more expensive for how helpful they are, or more rare.

Second, how about bigger maps? Is this a possibility?

Third, what about different size ships? Some could be inexpensive but only have 10-15 modules, others outrageously expensive and large but have 30-40+ modules. This would add variety to fleets and open up possbilities for ship types, etc.

Thanks for opening the forum up for suggestions.

I’m still only on the third misson. (crashing during saves and loads has REALLY made game play except in long session impossible.) So, I’ve not seen the availability of the droids beyond that…but I gotta say, when you got 3-4 ships running around… I WANT MORE DROIDS :slight_smile:

Bearing in mind I’ve not gotten past the third map…
Keerin, I’m curious to know if you’ve gone further and, if the maps grew when/if you did.

Well, I was curious as to how you know how many modules a ship has BEFORE you purchase it… there’s already some variety, but it’s hard to decipher.

And I really would like the ability to rename the ships.
…Can you run with more than one with the same name?
I tried it once and crashed and since I can’t save and play reliably…
I really haven’t experimented with it…

Okay, I’m waiting on the retail patch from Cliffski, but so far I am really into this game. Nice job. I really like the fact that its not a military, Star wars type game. Those are a dime a dozen.

:smiling_imp: I kno everyone is going to hate this suggestion but…
Since the Droids are mechanical like the ship wouldn’t it be prudent to perform some maintenance on them once in a while before they freeze up?

How about increasing the cost of Droids and having second hand ones around… u kno… Older models? Less efficent? (like the engines)

Or how about this…you could build (not purchase) a robotic ship that you could set up to run between two planets and it would just make cargo/passenger runs. Of course you would have to tell it how many, how much…etc. But it would only run as long as you had one other ship. Stocked with Droids of course.

How about making the trade wars more competitive and the ability to buy out your competitor?

I’m not going into much detail here, just throwing out suggestions, feel free to thrash me guys, let me know what u think. Please forgive me if this is redundent material or they already exist in the game. 8)

I’m enjoying Starship Tycoon immensely. What I’d love to see for Starship Tycoon and/or the upcoming Starship Tycoon 2, is an on-line repository for more game scenarios. I have searched around and haven’t found anything like that so far.

I like the scenarios included with Starship Tycoon and the ability to replay the scenarious at higher and higher skill levels. I have a craving for more missions.

Keerin Wrote:

I hope certainly hope so.

Something I would like to see…
Smaller goals mixed in with the main one for extra cash. I guess it would be similar to a rpg then huh?

Your thoughts and criticisim are welcome.

Poor Cliff, now his sequel is a 10-DVD boxed set game. :laughing:

i think Xcede’s ideas are brilliant i love them all and i have showed some of my friend these ideas and they love them i think you should defentily consider them !!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I have been away for awhile. Wow, new forum. I’ve been replaying ST and gave this question some thought.

First, I like most of the suggestions. Next, I thought about other Space Sim business sim games. One in particular (Gazillionaire) is fun and operates in only a “sandbox” mode, though you do get to compete with AI characters.

Game goes like this:

Name your company
Choose goal (x- millions of credits)
Choose AI players and their level of intelligence
Play game and accomplish credit goal before others do.
If you win or lose, you can still continue to play

Something similar to this can be fun in a sequel.

Hey guys…
My last post put the game outta sight…Cliffski would almost need a fulltime crew to code all the things I put there.

So to keep it simple how bout…

I personally would like to see a score…
Something that would take into consideration all of your expenses and income and based on the days it took to complete a mission give you a total score or score per day.

Positive Bonus Modifiers on finishing early
Negative Modifiers for repairs and esp towing

I would also like to be able to transfer Droids between ships without selling them and purchasing them again.

Something easy…yes?
any thoughts are welcome.

How about a tech level limit on not only planets, but parts which can be used in a ship… ie, if the engines are a tech level of 7, but the controller computer is a tech level 4, then either the engines won’t work, or they work at reduced efficiency / capacity? also, it would be nice to actually see the tech level of the parts / modules / faults so the best plan for a planet landing can be made… :stuck_out_tongue:

In addition, I also agree with ship types of some kind, like a ship predisposed as a luxury / hotel liner, a cargo hauler, or “reefer” (refrigerated) delivery ship. Each kind could have a certain number of tons devoted to a specific type of cargo, and so many free tons available for configuration. The player might then have the option of paying a modest sum of money to increase the tonnage capability (and add more modules). Heck, what about certain planets offering custom-built ship hulls, or general-use ship skeletons the player could fill out as desired from the beginning without buying a used, pre-configured ship?

What about multiple objectives needed to complete a map? Instead of just “make money” or “get cargo delivered”, you could stipulate something like “Deliver 80 tons of [cargo or modules type 1] & 40 tons of [cargo or modules type 2] to [destination], and have [number] of credits on-hand by [time limit].” 8)

I like the other ideas of space platforms - maybe they could be configured much like ships, with storage units (for non-perishable / hazardous cargo), fuel supplies (bought from planetary refineries and shipped to the platforms to refuel ships - both company and independent), repair shops, hotel housing (and possibly resort / casino modules), or maybe even greenhouses? :smiley:

A couple of suggestions about the maps: How about actual simulated planet systems, complete with movement of the planets? This would present a higher challenge to get from one planet to the next, even in a system modeled after our own solar system. The other suggestion on the maps is the ability to have larger maps, with the ability to travel between different star systems, and ships priced accordingly on tiered prices for interplanetary, intergalactic, and both. :wink:

Also, a good editor would be really nice, with the ability to import and/or create new ship and item pictures (possibly in bitmap, jpg, or gif formats?), create new general all-game items and also challenge-specific items, along with custom star systems which could all be uploaded to a central sharing point online so anyone can download them… Or maybe even online capabilities for co-op or competitive play?

These are just some of my thoughts. :laughing:

I would like to see some crossutilization of crew skills. For instance, although pilot who is a good steward won’t have the time to look after passangers enough and allow the ship to carry more, he could do a good bit to affect for customer satisfaction. Next, if you coulple this with a suggesstion made earlier about crewmembers having a chance to automatically repair the ship, those beta skills could act as a bonus for maintenance and repair.

If the beta skills have a different effects depending on what job of the crewman, you could add yet another layer of strategy to the game. ie. a pilot effects almost everything else on the ship and has a stronger effect on morale and ship maintenance. Stewards effect moral more than anyone else and a ship where the crew is more personable and inclined to take care of passangers would have a happier crew because they would get along whith eachother also.

I’d like to see different ship options opened up dependino on who you have on your crew. A crewman who’s associated with the black market effects passenger moral, but he opens up different smuggling options on different planets. Certain modules would go offline or not be available to a ship if they didn’t have an Engineer of a certain level (I think someone else had a very simmilar suggestion).

Ship customization and many more alien races would do a lot for the game. Differences in the races such as regional prejudices that effect customer/crew satisfaction aliens that require special modules to transport. A larger map with different concentrations of different races in different areas would lend much to this suggestion.

I would like to take the territory argument in another direction. Instead of buying planets, you could drive your out competition by having a good reputation and a certain number of ships servicing that and the surround area planet to take over transport form the planet. This opens up fee discounts etc.

Last I want to see half a dozen to a dozen galaxies that present different challenges. One with a lot of space debris, another with very hot planets, another at war, etc. And any company would have to have special special subspace travel equipment for intergalactic travel. Taking over transport in every galaxy would be an excellent ultimate goal.

You know, Xcede, that’s not a bad idea. I wonder if Cliffski would be averse to the idea of an open-source style of game creation with a whole bunch of us working on the game part-time, each one of us on individual parts or modules? Maybe we could ask for a copy of the completed game as “payment”, or something like that?

What do you think, Cliffski?

I started playing this game, after purchasing it years ago. . .

I’d like to see more interaction with other shipping companies. It would be pretty cool if we could have actions to take to hinder rival competitors. They could then also do the same.

I have edited the previous post to formulate my ideas more clearly after learning more about the game.

I would really like to see improved interface with ships.

What I am thinking to to revamp the module/ship interface.

A ship would be an empty hull to which modules could be added. The hulls would vary by size, which would affect the total number of modules that could be added to a ship.

There would be a variety of different types of hulls for each size. Each type would have a designated number of slots for various module types. Some hulls could have more slots for engines and power while others could focus more on cargo or passenger/crew modules. (Additionally hulls have bonuses/penalties for appearance. Stylish hulls would appeal to passengers and such.)

The benefit of large hulls is obvious. Smaller hulls would have benefits such as fuels efficiency and maintenance costs. Additionally smaller hulls could attract less attention which would be of benefit to smugglers.

Things I would like to see:

  1. When purchasing a ship, something that lets you know how many “slots” it has.
  2. More than two types of engines.
  3. Keep it combat free.
  4. More company control. For example the ability to name your company, PERHAPS sell stock, (that’s a maybe, a stock price emulator could be a memory hog if done realisticaly). Have your company buy a stardock, a shipyard (I think they should be different things, or the shipyard be an add on to the stardock) and a warehouse. Even a “talent pool”. As it is if i want a person to be a pilot on a second ship and they aren’t on the same planet, my first ship has to hire them haul them to my second ship, fire them, and THEN my second ship has to hire them.
  5. Rival companies that actually do things. Even if it’s just keeping track of your companies rating.
  6. Someone (i forget who) suggested being able to buy a planet. I love that thought, but it might not be a feasible thing due to what would be involved in running a planet.
  7. A “fame” feature. Heck you could make it “good” and “evil” with you attracting ships (with crews) based on that. However i admit it doesn’t quite keep in context of the game.
  8. The ability to put a second (or third) ship on a “route”. For example, Ship A will buy grain at World A and then sell it at world B, then go back to World A Etc. Maybe make this a feature of the “company menu” (see above). Say, you buy a contract.

I would like to see some more practical numbers when refering to what a ship can do. (ex: instead of just adding fuel tanks until you think you have enough, or fuel saving devices to make long trips, have the game actually calculate how many LY your vessel can travel with a full load and with an empty load, to get a better idea of which passengers and cargo you can pick up.) I always find myself exiting the starport screen and clicking “set course” so i can test how far my range is.

Also, its already been discussed a lot, but i really like the idea of being able to purchase entire planets and all the suggestions that have gone with that so far.

I also think it would be cool to be able to give a ship a route (for example between 2 or 3 or more planets) and let it run, automatically picking up passengers and cargo bound for destinations on its route.

Reading thought this a little I seen some I like.
Transfer Droids between ships without selling them and purchasing them again.
Certain planets offering custom-built ship (prepay or pmts plan w interest).
Rival competitors: interface with ships to offer to buy them out or hire their crew and also the reverse of competitors bribing your crew.
A larger display window or drop menu for the ships config (to see all installed)
Hmm perhaps certain races that work well together on the ship as a team to up the satisfaction of the passangers and will inform you if a rival Co trys to bribe?

Im still leanring the trade of the game ( just got it ) and have been loving it.
I seen in another post somone that played Starflight… I still have it on my C=64 and got the idea of the races having a diferent language… and the steward can only understand his/her own race untill trained?
and a option to train any crew memeber to up their skill level to perform tasks better

Well Cliffski… It looks like everyone has something to input…lol…you asked. Of course
since you might theoretically be working on it, what we asked for and what we get are
two completely different animals.

I personally would like to theoretically get on the waiting list for the new Starship Tycoon
when it goes retail. :mrgreen:
But if you just sell it online you can count me in when it comes out. Let me know.