Serial number/key Invalid less than 6 hours after purchase?

Hey apparently me online serial number/key aint valid. I bought the game today at around 15:00 and started to play the heck out of it and after a few hours if felt like trying it online. After 25minutes of retyping and dubble checking my serial I gave up and so I posted this thread.
And no I didnt pirate it. I can provide my Order Receipt, Product ID and so on to staff if nesserary.

Hope we can get this fixed.

Kind regards

It’s almost certainly the case that the game is just having trouble connecting to the net. If you have a firewall or other internet security software running, it is most likely blocking the game. If that is not it, you may have a proxy server set up in the windows internet settings (set under control panel or internet explorer). The game may also be blocked at some schools or workplaces.

Thanks that helped