Serial Number???

I just purchased the game, i am not going to give out my serial number here, duh, :slight_smile: but had a question please.
My receipt says product id and also password, also there is a product registration key. :slight_smile: All good so far.

Well, inside the game, when you go to create your profile, it asks for a serial number, and for you to create a username, a handle in essence. :slight_smile: So…

Are these all sorta related? Or am I missing something entirely? Like a serial number somewhere? Or do I simply make up a number and enter? Probably NOT. :slight_smile:

Anyway, a little clarification would be MUCH, MUCH appreciated!! :slight_smile:

Thank you most kindly,


the code the game is asking for looks like this:


The other stuff is for actually downloading the games installer from BMT Micro, and only needed to do that. You can pick any (unique) username you like in-game, to associate with your serial code, and this ebcomes your online identity.

Thanks Cliff! Take care!