Everytime you get the “hostage situasion” and you press the “give in to the demands” the game stops answering and it goes back to windows
This have happend several times.

Hi, you are the first to report this. have you got any mods installed for the game? If so, it could be they have corrupted that data in some way.
Can you send me the files in the games ‘debugdata’ folder next time it crashes? email them to me at

I dont have any mods installed, I just reinstalled my computer.

Yeah, Ill send them next time it happends.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the hostage situation occur. Maybe it’s not common enough for bug reports to be coming in.

You need very high crime :smiley:
But I’ve fund the bug. its only 1 character of text, so I’ll patch it next time, but here is a file which replaces the old one inside \Democracy2\simulation\dilemmas, and fixes the crash. … uation.txt

Right click and select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ and then browse to the right folder.

Thanks for reporting it.

the only reason I found out about it was that I were playing with Freedonia.
And since most of the people are liberals I didnt spend much money on police and things like that:)