Serious problem with unfair challenges

see the thread in the suggestions forum and challenge# 4590415
You can mod the price of modules and hulls down to 0, build a huge fleet and post it as a challenge. Whoever fights the challenge is restricted to a normal budget. This really breaks the challenge system. I hope this is fixed right away.


thirded and as said in the same thread.

If anyonw is caught useing this way to scam others they should he warned and if they keep doing it punished. Untill a fix to cheack the price of modules is done.


my post on this subject in the “suggestion” forum :


=> prevent posting unfair challenges
=> prevent hi-scoring on infinite map with unofficial material (or hiscoring on separate table)
=> add an option “Only with official material” when creating a challenge

Stares at budget limit on your challenge

Not even trying that. GSB would crash anyway D:

What budget limit is it showing you?

I’ve posted another test Challenge# 4590489 with a 2000 point budget limit.

100,000 c

It doesn’t look like 1.43 has fixed this problem.

This is a problem that is known about, and can theoretically be addressed using some of the code that runs on the server for the upcoming campaign.
It’s quite a big deal though, because effectively what you need to do is analyze every ship and every module and every setting on every challenge, and check its valid before submitting a challenge. The campaign doesn’t quite need to do all of that, so that isn’t done yet.
In the meantime, I’d prefer if people kept modded content to singleplayer games, or between direct challenges, so if you see obviously modded open challenges, feel free to down-rate them.

Or you could enforce the mods to use package file.

It doesn’t look like 1.44 has fixed this. This really is a major problem. I can no longer look at a challenge and trust that it’s fair. Fairness is now on the honor system and we all know that there will be people who will cheat. If they cheat big it will be obvious, but if they are careful there won’t be any way of knowing. A relatively small bonus would be decisive in something like the SAC challenge and would be almost undetectable. I really hope this will be fixed quickly.

While ideally this sort of checking should be done on the server side, it could be done at deployment time on each computer. When I open a challenge and deploy a fleet GSB does a real time pilot/cost check of my fleet and compares it to the challenge limits to see if it goes over. It doesn’t seem like it should be so hard that when I open a challenge to deploy my fleet that GSB should do a single check of the enemy fleet to see if it is within the pilot/cost limits of the challenge and throw up an error if it isn’t. This would be sufficient to prevent abuse.

I second this. However some of the challagnes are herd to beat with unmodded files. BUT i have found ways of overcoming them.

I’ve discovered an additional cheating problem that this would fix. See challenge # 4592296

I hate cheaters and way should be found to filter them out. However if a player lets others know that it is an unfair challenge when posting , then it is ok with me. I do not how practical this would be in practice? One way to defeat cheaters is to allow players there opt out 1st attempt logging. (no result shown, like if this person never played it). I do not if this would be possible. Also other might object for reasons I have not thought of.

Lol just wait til someone start using memory hacks to bypass the pilot counts as well.

I don’t see the point of cheating in this game. Excessive cheating can trick people once at best, then their name will probably get blacklisted. Although it will also be nice to have a blacklist feature in game so i don’t have to see their challenges again.

The main problem with this cheat is not the extreme cheat such as the two I recently posted. These are obvious cheats.

The main problem is the cheater who just gives himself a small point bonus, just enough to give an unfair edge. This is practically undetectable.

Every time you download a particularly strong challenge you have to think ‘Is it that good? or is he cheating?’

This really bothers me and I want to see it fixed.

Well if you are really unsure about one you can open up the GSB file and try to replicate it.

I think good players have too much pride in their skills to cheat to win. Except for you who cheated explicitly to make a point. And not so good players will need to cheat significantly just to win, which becomes detectable.

Then again the only thing I been playing recently are SAC and Dual downs.

This involves a substantial amount of effort.

I hope so.