Servos, servos everywhere, and not a drop to drink

I have several stockpiles of servos, but the line doesn’t seem to care, regardless of import settings.
Great game, BTW!


A number of things could be wrong, there is import settings on both the stockpile and the line slots.

If a stockpile has imported components in it, it will keep those components, even if you switch it over to “local only”, and thus a line slot set to “prefer local”, will rather pick local components from across the map, thus keeping the stockpile perpetually unused.

On some slots it is almost impossible to avoid that they stall on “Waiting for resources” at least some of the time. The slot may want to keep only 1 servo, so without “Early stock consumption” it will run out on every single cycle, with “Early stock consumption” it is still a tight fit, even if there is a nearby stockpile.

In any case, the logic for fetching components is a bit of a mess, what you’d actually want is for stockpiles to run “prefer local”, and slots to run either “prefer local or anything already imported to a stockpile” (not implemented) or “any”.