Set Resource Point Preference

It wold be nice to be able to set a preference on all the assembly bays (is that what they are even called … I don’t know) that would allow you to set where you would prefer the resources to come from.

How would this work ?

Maybe be able to set a name on resource importers and stock piles so they could be easily identified within a list that could be accessed when clicking on the bay like upgrades.

Then within that list you could say I want to look for the resources in “Stock pile 1” so then it would check that stock pile to see if has the necessary resources and if so get the resources from there if not fall back to the nearest resource importer.

Just a thought I had while playing.

Love the game btw


Hi Shix,

Cliff has asked for feedback regarding the resource conveyors. So maybe you want to take a look, vote and reply to his ‘Lets talk about resource conveyors’ topic:

Kind regards