I can’t run Democracy 2. I get the message “SetDisplayMode” and due to the other posts in the support forum, I can see that the game doesn’t work on resolution lower then 1024 x 768. I have a notebook with a resolution on 1024 x 600 which means I can’t run the game. I would like to know if there really isn’t ant thing I can do to overrule or change the game so it will be possible for me to run the game in 1024 x 600.


The Dane

You can maybe run the game in windowed mode at a higher resolution by editing the file called

C:\Program Files (x86)\Democracy2\data\config.muf

to show


The file is text and can be opened using notepad.

I did this (after finding a way to circumvent the read-only mechanism which kept telling me that “access is denied” when I tried to save a new copy), but I get the same error. My screen resolution is 1024 x 600; that’s the only thing which doesn’t fit the spec of the game. I have the demo, and I’ll be very disappointed if I can’t run the full game.

It didn’t work. But thanks anyway.

hey, i have a netbook too. i use astray plus to use applications that require resolutions lartger than 1024*768. maybe you can try it out.