Settings menu has 2 exits

First thing i did in the game was adjust the very loud menu-music.

I noticed on the bottom-left of the menu an ‘Apply changes’ button, which was disabled.
After some looking around i noticed a ‘back to menu’ button, outside of my options-dialog.
Confusing that there are 2 ways shown, of which the one that you expect to work does not work at all.
Also the ‘return to menu’ button is not clear in what it does, it sound like a cancel, but apparently my changes are still applied…?!

Usually an ‘apply changes’ or ‘cancel and return’ button are close to one another to improve useability, and make clear what the user can expect.

Apply changes changes the screen resolution and is immediate, effectively restarting the game. You only need to use it for changing screen res. I should eventually re-word it. The return to menu is the correct one for any other change.