Several comments and questions....

Hi,i bought ur game today and as an economist and political science student,id like to help a bit with comments and questions.

since i dont know the game completly,i wont have much questions nor comments for now. do i download a patch or update? auto updater download…?
3.the US has 800 billion $ in military spending… … untry_id=1
Yearly Military Expenditure: $518,100,000,000

i know that i can settle the problem of the 800 billion $ military spending with one cursor…but the problem is that the value of the training will decrease…sound weird? there is an exemple…

Well trained force for UK would be 30 billion pounds
US would be one trillion $

in theory, 60 billions would be enough to provide excellent training to the US soldiers…surely it would be to assume that they had both the same amount of troops but its not because ur country is bigger that u have more troops than the other countries.

doesnt matter how big is your country,whats ur population, if you spend 30 billion $ more than the other country,u will have an edge over them.
doesnt matter what it is.

more money=more spending buying more troops or equipement.

so i think the military policy should have a twist.

I think the key is not whther your military has an edge over an opposing army (as the US clearly does), but the amount of money spent per soldier. Democracy includes military personell in the calculations for state employees, so if your military budget is huge and you cut it, you will create some unemployment and anger those who got fired, even though your army may still be very large.
As I recall I got the statistics from the CIA factbook, but its a nightmare because the games engine has to be flexible to support all the different countries, from tiny ones to huge, so many of the numbers have to be approximations. It would have been simpler to do a single artificial country, with hindsight.

If you did create a sequel, would you make it a single artificial country? That’d be cool if you could name the country and pick some basic options…

Edit: Also, I’d really really like to see a randomisation feature. I just get bored of having to solve the same problems over and over, whenever I start a new game :confused:

yes im totally convinced that an artificial, customisable country would be better.

I have no problem with that. Again, I think a randomise option would also add a great deal to the game. Hmm, I’m gonna have to sum up all my suggestions…