Several questions about upcoming game mechanics

I liked Democracy 3, but I would suggest following changes:
Actual population growth, or at least simulate sane percentage of parents, youth and elderly.
That is you should get max 40 - 50 % Elderly membership at max, unless you lower retirement age to 40 years or something like that.

Actual GDP growth, at least economic strength, so GDP never caps (effectively).
If you everything, that lowers GDPs and nothing increasing it, then you would have 300$ per capita.
If you have everything boosting GDP and nothing lowering it, then you have 300 000$ GDP per capita.
If its capped, then GDP simulation value at 0/1 is represented as 300$/300 000$ GDP per capita.
Exponential increase/decrease would be linear change here.
So things would influence GDP growth, which would add or subtract from GDP on log scale.

Conspiracy theories simulation - distrust towards science, technology, government and NGOs.
Influenced by tech level, education, quality of life, government support (least happy population can be loudest one).

Some policies are default ones:
They should be always set to something in various countries, not left at default value awkwardly.
Creationism VS Evolution should be removed as its purely US thing.
Or it should be changed to Fringe VS Mainstream education or something like that reflects amount of spirituality/religion in schools.

There should be country that has fallen to complete anarchy, and one, that is total dictatorship too.

Also is it possible to simulate US (and to lesser extent western) drama that is galloping inflation of healthcare/education/housing costs and private dept?

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You are right in that creationism is mostly a US thing, although it depends how far you look. I’m sure there are some developing world countries for whom its very much a debate, (or indeed a consensus on creationsim). This policy also reflects a broader debate about where science takes precedence over faith on other issues, so its not just reflecting that one item.
who is to say that with a big drop in education spending, a lot of policies to encourage membership of religious groups, prayer in schools, compulsory church attendance and a complete cut in science spending and further education… could you theoretically get a creationism movement in France? in the UK? in Germany…
Maybe. :smiley:

According to wikipedia:

Northern Ireland has the highest proportion of people who believe in ‘intelligent design’ (16%), which holds that "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

For turkey is 25%, and so-on :smiley:

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So Evolution VS Creationism could be broaden/made more general:
Universe ruling itself or God/other forces manipulating it from hyperspace (like that hypercube from Interstellar movie) as if it was computer game.

Intelligent Design would be better than creationism.
Spontaneous/Emergent Design would be better than evolution.

So Religious could be renamed to Spiritual - group that have beliefs in higher powers - not just God, but gods (polytheist religions), spirits, and maybe even in various conspiracy theories.
Also there could be Materialists - those who has faith in in science, technology and maybe money.
Creationism/Evolution wouldn’t make liberals/religious unhappy, instead it would make materialists/spiritualists unhappy.

I would like if game simulated “paranormal activity” - conspiracy theorists doing riots or other damage like anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, radiophobes (like those who thinks that microwaves/radio waves (they are busy destroying 5G towers) are harmful like Xrays), and all like that.
Your country wouldn’t be haunted by them so much, if you kept high standard of living even for poorest people (so no one would be surviving pay-check to pay-check) and had maxed out education/technology.
Still there could be events caused by mess in other countries.
Ideally you would have to really optimize policies to have less than 5 bad situations.

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Related to education, it would be great to have a policy on homeschooling rights, just as there are already polices on subsidizing faith schools and instituting school vouchers. Religious people would be happy and it should cost next to nothing. Perhaps farmers would see a small boost too as it is more of a rural versus urban issue. Socialists could be upset because they are not able to design their perceived perfect educational program. Lowers state employee membership if it is widespread, unless state schools are already cancelled or it interferes with what you already have in place for that with state schooling vs. private schooling.

The rate of homeschooling could also relate to the makeup of the economy and might be more work for you lol but if you’re interested, the player’s policies could lead to a more or less homeschooling based on whether it is common for one parent to be a homemaker or both sexes having to work. In developed countries where there is less economic inequality, it is more common for the sexes to choose what is in their natural biological impulse:

Married tax incentive, child benefit/provision, high wages, maternity leave, GDP and/or new policy of homeschooling tax credit as well as religious membership/parent membership could relate to the rise and fall of homeschooling, as well as the prevalence of private schooling vs. state education (that is, is education largely left up to the people or is it tightly controlled by the state?).

Would be a cool concept to add to the game! Not surprisingly, education is more of a political issue as differing perspectives on what should be taught in school is leading to the increasing decision not to send children to public school at all. In the last few years homeschooling has increased anywhere from 2% to 8% per annum in the US, and rights of homeschoolers are increasing, so I suspect it will continue to become more relevant.

In the UK, it seems like so much time in education politics is focused around Grammar schools, and I don’t know too much about that, but it seems like something you could add for the UK considering you also have the BBC only for that country in game, and it seems like there’s a lot of debate about that whenever I watch Question Time or something like that lol.

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Very interesting. I shall give this some thought. Homeschooling is pretty rare in the UK, but we do have ‘free schools’ which I guess allows people who would normally homeschool out of concern for what the state teaches, to send their kids to a school they approve of.
IIRC we have school prayer as a dilemma, but not much else relating to whats in the school curriculum.