Several Suggestions, and Impressions


  • Would be nice to have a research progress bar near the time controls area.

  • Tiles under resource conveyors are hard to visualize (in a grid) on the base of the conveyor. (Was playing on the medium map with bright white/blue tiles). When it goes into conveyor-mode, I often find that I have clicked the wrong square to start out on. Maybe add a toggle for conveyor-mode to turn on and off instead of just switching when conveyor placement starts? (and/or ability to toggle the world grid lines?)

  • When dragging (car) conveyors, the window for the fitting area pops up as you reach the next machine. (Maybe toggle this off when holding conveyors in hand?)

  • For setting up stockpiles, it would be nice if the Fitting Areas had a list of ALL the products they require. Would be even better to allow a copy/paste function to copy desired products to a stockpile, as well as required values for 1 assembly. (Similar to Factorio’s Copy assembler to requester chest function).

  • Pressing Esc should close the build menu if nothing is selected.

  • Suggest persistent items in hand: instead of just placing one fitting station, I would like to click on the ground again to place another. (Useful for building parallel lines of assembly).

I played a few hours tonight and am REALLY enjoying the game. The research into machines for every fitting means constant redesign of the factory, (in a good way!). The only real caveat is the cost of machinery – maybe just charge a “movement fee” of $500 instead of cutting the refund in half. (This somewhat inhibits redesign). I’m enjoying exploring all the different ways of doing things – importing to stockpiles, manufacturing components, etc.

One thing I would like request – line graphs for expenses over time. There’s a thrill when you manage to research Seat Manufacture, and it would be sooooo satisfying, after you place the manufactury, to see that Components cost go down :-). These kinds of line graphs were some of my favorite things to observe & track in SimCity, (2k, 3k, 4).

Thanks, loads of awesome suggestions. Working through a big todo list right now… :smiley: