Sex as Social Activity

I suspect other people have modded this in as well, but just in case… I sort of understand the decision to shy away from sexual activity in this game, but it does tend to paint a fairly odd (and celibate) picture of life in one’s 20’s. I mean, even the Sims has included sexual activity - so it can’t be that offensive.

Regardless, here’s the code for the “social events” csv file:

#,NORMAL,sex,Sex,Put on the Barry White,it’s time to get… it… on!,Sex Addict,sex,0,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,PlaySound(gigglekiss.ogg),
Call(dirtyhome),_random,1.0,french,0.2,meditation,0.5,weather_snow,0.2,weather_rain,0.3,That might have been the worst sex you’ve
ever had.,Maybe better than masturbating. Maybe.,A good frolic. Not especially mind-blowing, but it can’t always be great. You know?,Wow. That’s all you can say.,I’m infatuated with you… Wanna do it in the back of my pickup truck?,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,

Really, the simplest way to add this is in (for those of you who find the coding in excel odd) is just to put each item that is separated by commas into a different column.

I also added “sex” as another interest in the “interests” csv, and an nv_sex = “Sex” entry in the “strings” file.

A few notes:

  1. Sex is a 1-1 activity, although this is easily modded if you want to allow “orgies”.

  2. Right now, you can have sex with anyone (as long as they agree). However, it is easy to limit the option of Sex to just your romantic partner by putting “ROMANTIC” instead of “NORMAL” in the 2nd column of the “social events” spreadsheet.

  3. Sex is a home-based social activity.

  4. The quality of sex is determined randomly, and then modified by…

  • weather: sex when it is raining or snowing is more likely to be good
  • language: if you know french, sex will be better
  • meditation: if you have mastered meditation, sex will be better
  1. Engaging in sex affects several of your attributes:
  • reduces stress
  • increases excitement
  • increases fitness
  • reduces energy
  • increases Kudos
  1. To even have the option of choosing sex as a social activity, you need to have:
  • cleanliness: 70%
  • energy: 60%
  • charisma: 50%
  • confidence: 50%

Obviously, feel free to adjust anything as you see fit. Mostly, this is just to give people some ideas.

And now I have a few questions: right now, this system works fine - and really, it’s pretty amusing to have sex with someone and have them report that “it was OK, but not really something they’re into”. But what I’d really like to influence the probability of accepting an invitation to sex.

How is that probability determined, and where is it coded? I assume that the prob of someone accepting your social invitation is determined by:

  1. the level of interest they have in that activity
  2. whether they engaged in that activity recently

but I can’t find this information in the simulation files anywhere. What I’d like to do is make the probability of acceptance determined by:

  1. interest in “sex” (in a sense, randomly generated by the friend generator system)
    2. attractiveness.

Any ideas on how to code in attractiveness to this equation, so that only someone with an attractiveness rating at all can be invited for sex, and the higher this rating is, the more likely they will accept? (p.s. I interpret attractiveness as their attraction to you)

Also: any ideas on how to make Honesty take a hit if you have sex with someone other than your current romantic partner? They definitely get worked up right now if you do this, but only because you’re engaging in a 1-1 activity with someone other than them. I’d also like for your Honesty to take a real dive.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might have to offer. I sincerely hope no one is offended by any of this, it’s all in good fun.

You’ve certainly put a lot of thought into this one.

  1. I think I’ll change it to “Make Whoopie”, if for nothing less than the Mallrats reference :slight_smile:
  2. Alcohol 0.3?
  3. If invited to an event by another friend and you choose to engage in sex with another individual the resultant phone message would be quite comedic, especially if they were neurotic/understanding.
  4. If I recall correctly any home-based activity reduces your pet(s)’ unhappiness. “Sex is a home-based social activity”, ergo, having frequent sex will keep your pets happy… Just saying… :stuck_out_tongue:

From the help files, attractiveness is “whether they are naturally attracted to you (potential romantic partners)” but I’m not sure how you can reference it in a social activity. It MAY just alter the speed in which your friendship is filled or emptied, but I have no evidence of this.

After some (rough) tests I suspect that their re-engaging in an activity within 2 days is always 0, and goes up from there.

One day everything will be open-source and we won’t have to guess such trivialities. One day :slight_smile:

Wayno, living the now

Why would meditation affect sexual performance?

Thanks Severian for posting this…

I made a few changes and also added a sound file. This is my first time modding anything. The first time was a horrible failure. So please be kind…

Have Sex
Enjoy a passionate and pleasurable night of romance with that one special person.
Sex addict
That might have been the worst sex that you’ve ever had.
A good frolic. Not especially mind-blowing, but it can’t always be great.
Wow! That’s was absolutely fantastic! The best sex you’ve ever had!
How about you and me have a nice romantic evening…between the sheets?




I also added “sex” as another interest in the “interests” csv, and an nv_sex = “Sex” entry in the “strings” file as you did.

Here is also the sex.ogg that goes into the Kudos2\data\sounds folder. This is a really cheap and easy way of keeping your romantic relationships.

This is why making games moddable is such a good idea :smiley:

i dunno why, but after adding Sex my game crashes :frowning: maybe smth wrong in mod?

I also crashed, and finaly figured out it was because of one to many of these charaters —> ,

This is the line I ended up using with trial and error in the social event file :

#,NORMAL,Sex,Sex,“Enjoy a passionate and pleasurable night of romance with that one special person.”,Lover,sex,0,SOCFLAG_HOMEBASED,PlaySound(gigglekiss.ogg),"_random,1.0",“Tonight was pretty bad.”,“This was not so bad.”,“Spectacular.”,“How about you and me have a nice romantic evening…between the sheets?”,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,#,“Sex,1.0”,"","","","",#,“stress,-0.5,_STRESS_DEGRADE”,“kudos,0.5,_KUDOS_DEGRADE”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,“happiness,0.2,_HAPPINESS_DEGRADE “,“fitness,0.05,_FITNESS_DEGRADE”,””,"",#,"_energy,0.15",“charisma,0.5”

this is the line added in the strings file

nv_sex = “Sex”

this is the line added to the interests file


it appears to work, but seems to be giving me to much bonus after the execution of the task.

Well pushing this a bit further, I decided to add the Sex Appeal attribute in the attributes file

#,Sexappeal,Sex Appeal,0.3,0,1,1,“64,192,128”,“This would be to get people in bed”,Sexy,#

Then added the SexAppeal value to Romantic social events (French restaurant, romantic movie, candlelitmeal )and in the work out + bath solo_activites.


Also added it to the Romance_effects script.


And the invite_rejected script

ApplyEffect(sexappeal,-0.5,0,invite rejected);

And finally the config value


After all this the Sex Appeal attribute feels alive, goes up, goes down…

For sure this needs a lot of tweaking I just tried with numbers that appeared in other places.
Also I would like to limit the Sex social activity to only appear when the sex appeal reaches a certain level…but this i could not figure out yet…

If you want Sex to only be available once reaching a certain level of sex appeal just add this to the end of the social_events entry for sex:


The hash symbol there is the last one in the line, and ??? can be replaced with a number 0.01-1.0

I added this to the social events file and I think something went wrong since every time I try to click the social activities button, my game crashes. Help? :expressionless:

I’m in my mid-late 20s. I’ve had a few romantic relationships, joined a bowling term, fought off a mugger with my mad kung fu skills and I’m a quite successful actress. However, I remain a virgin. Not for lack of trying… I tried to insert the above codes in order to pop the cherry but alas, it just crashed. Please, don’t let my life end at 30 without me ever have had not had sex, please please please post a code that works.
-Elvis. (P.s My Brother named me :wink: )

G’day Elvis :slight_smile:

The code above works fine, just make sure you use Notepad so the file isn’t corrupted (Wordpad/Word don’t play nice with .CSV files).

If you still can’t get it to work then I’d suggest installing my mod which should work fine and contains the Sex mod (but you will have to start a new character/game) Insert self promotion here


SomeGuyInABikini, has no blue suede shoes

Can anyone tell me how I add these things to the game, i’m just new to the forums and didn’t know you could do stuff like this lol. Thanks.