Shaky Demo

Hi! I’m excited to try the demo, but after attempting to download it twice, I’ve come across the same problem.

When I launch the program, the screen is jerky and the mouse trails. THe picture doesn’t show up clearly, although the program functions. There are also colored lines in the background.

I’ve downloaded the demo from the positech site. I’m not very computer savvy, but we just got this computer last Christmas, so it should have updated video cards and enough memory. I’ve also checked firewalls and spyware, and they are all off. However, I’m not sure if the video card is intel. (I’ve been reading other posts to try to solve the problem, but I couldn’t really follow :blush: ) How would I find out what kind of video card I’m using, or is there another way I could fix this problem? Thanks.

Hi, if you open up the file called ‘config.muf’ inside the games ‘data’ directory (you can open it using windows notepad), you cane dit this line

ColorDepth = 32

to say

ColorDepth = 16

That should fix it. This will not be neccesary after I release the next patch, but I think that’s what does it.

Thanks so much; that fixed it! Can’t wait to get to the game, I’ve heard great things about it.