Share of Vote: -1%. Turnout: -1% (bug)

From my second disastrous attempt at running a country:

Share of Vote: -1%. Turnout: -1%

I can hardly blame the motorists for wanting me out of office, but -1% of the vote?!

The -1% turnout is perhaps even more baffling, especially bearing in mind that voting is compulsory in the country in question…

hmmm. is this from the display after the election with the screen full of voter group statistic bars?
Were you expecting a 100% vote from them or a 0% one?

That’s the one. I was expecting it to be very low, if not quite zero.

Aha… had you reduced their number to zero perhaps?

I had tried, although I didn’t expect to be able to with motorists… (Sorry, wasn’t paying anywhere near enough attention!)

I think you must have. there was a bug there, but It will be squashed in the patch.