Shield Resistance and Shield Penetration?

Hi guys,

Quite a quick question.

As far as I understand it if Shield Penetration is < Shield Resistance no damage is done.
If Shield Penetration is > Shield Resistance full damage is done.

Seeing as 27 is the highest shield resistance in the game, why do we have weapons that have upwards of 50 shield penetration when 28 would suffice?
There seems no point in having high varying shield penetration values, when there is no way to increase shield resistance beyond 27?

Or am I understanding something incorrectly?

Yep you are missing a shields strength. In addition to resistance all shields have strength. Any damage over the shields resistance is applied to a shields strength until that is depleted. Then the shields collapse.

So a weapon with a high shield penetration will do more damage to the shields strength.
One that has just enough to penetrate may not do enough to bring down a shield except over a protracted period of time.
Or a shield’s recharge might just be enough to keep them high.

I am sure you can find a more comprehensive dynamic on how things work. Look up 123stw’s guide and your answers should mostly be answered.

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Yes, no damage if Shield Penetration is < or = Shield Resistance


Exactly. AFAIK a weapon with 28 Shield Penetration has exactly the same effect like a weapon with 70 Shield Penetration.
(Btw: If you use modded content you could theoretically find shields with more than 27 Shield Resistance…)

I share the same opinion like you.

Really? I think this is incorret.

@Berny_74 - I know about shield strength, just didn’t think I needed to mention it in this context.

Danou has understood and reflected my opinion exactly.

If a higher shield penetration causes more shield damage, I haven’t noticed it.
Are you sure is this is the case Berny?