Shield Resistance Tooltip, displays false statement.

The tooltip of shield resistance says:

Which is totally false, as anyone can try by themselves.
Deploy 100 ships with any kind of beams (but swarm one) on one side, and 1 ship with reflective shield on the other. The reflective shield ship will receive no harm to hull or shields, ever.

there is also this tooltip, which is right, that states something diferent.

Aren’t those both misleading? I seem to recall from testing that a weapon with a shield penetration less than or equal to the shield resistance will do damage (tested with the 24 penetration beam vs. fast recharge shields).

yes you are correct, that top tooltip needs altering :frowning:

1.42 didn’t get it :S

Actually the second tool tip is from weapon penetration. So its correct, less penetration than shield resistance and does nothing.