Shield toughness numbers!

Lets assume seven cruiser lasers are hitting your ship.

hit percentage = 95 - (ship speed114.28) <- for a python hull, and even for that very approximate!
shield lost a second = (18.60
7)*(hit percentage/100) - (shield regeneration rate)

What is your cruiser’s (shield strength / shield lost per second)?

For this ship it’s 636.66/((18.607)(42/100) - (24)) = 20.74
The 42% value is from testing. A minotaur hull is smaller than a python hull.
That’s about five seconds before shields go down at 4x speed.

The total for the silly Praetorian class cruiser I have is:
980.8/((18.607)(82/100) - (47)) = 16.41

I managed to hit 24ish while still possessing useful weapons:

886.23/((18.607)(53/100) - (32)) = 23.95

I’ve used this class with x2fast recharge and x2 multi shields in the alliance last man standing map. they shrugged off everything but plasmas

more engines , less shields

7X supercharged engines
4X multiphasic shields
1X fast recharge shields
2X cruiser pulse laser
2X cruiser laser
1X droid bay
1X zero g crew
2X power generator 3

max speed 0.39
max shields 983

983/((18.607)(50.4/100) - (36)) = 33.14

even though the actuall hit rate is higher due to size of the ship , but i cant put that into a formula.