ship behaviour glitch

im having a very strange glitch in the ship behaviour, all ships lower than 3k of my map move downwards to a single point in space, theres nothing of interest there they just move straight towards it.
im certain it has to do with the size of my map, 3kx6k, apparently anything larger than 3k seems to suffer from this…
the point they move to always seems to be the middle of the visible map as far to the bottom as possible.

I use some maps larger than 4000 in my mods, so thats not the problem. The problem is maybe something about the behaviour parameters on the deployment files. Can u copy / paste the deployment so we can see wats wrong?

I noticed that your map is not square . . for 6k x 6k or 3k x 3k
Try changing it to a square map . .

Another question - Where is the enemy placement in this senario ?
if you can post a screenshot, it would help :slight_smile:

Well, it doesnt matter if the map size is not squared (i have some non squared maps and it works fine), i think the problem must be on the deployment files, some behaviour order that is missplaced or just with wrong parameters. As i said, a screen of the deployment files will be essential to know wats the problem. I suffered a bug time ago, if u put only 1 carrier bay and the fighters on the scenario are too heavy or they have a lot of hit points, they will be retreating of the fight area to the screen boundaries if u put the cautious behaviour, cuz they cant repair in the carrier bay. That should happen with mods that have more strong fighters, u need to have 2 carrier bays for support. I think if this is 100% right, but it just happened to me -.-

The reason wy i suggested to change it to a square map is that it might reveal an enemy fleet that was previously off the map.
But looking at the enemy deployment file would work just as well :slight_smile:

It sounds to me like the enemy fleet is being deployed outside the bottom map boundary.

yea, but they will appear on screen eventually, and i think the author of the post will know that … we cant do anything till he posts here the deployment lines.

i forgot to mention this only applies to all friendly ships, not the enemys.

theres nothing outside the standard 3kx6k map, not enemys nor friendlys, tho ive tested with some units outside the map and all friendlys still converge on a single point, even the ones not in view at the start of the map.
having it even better i found that it does NOT occur in the same map on 6kx5k, but it does occur when the size is 3kx5k…

i tried 3kx6k and after that 6kx12k, on the last one still all ships on the bottom half were effected.

also i tested several sets of ship behaviour settings, none seem to have any effect, not formation, cautious, or escort. i also tried no behaviour at all, they still move towards it, so it cant be normal chooseable behaviour related.
tho they dont move to it without engines at all…

also tried a lot of different ships and races, all are effected.

i tried only having a single ship in the AI fleet, and it still didnt work like normal.

heres the standard AI fleet deployment BTW … 017002.jpg

Yea but… can u post the deployment FILES of the AI deployment? and btw, that background seems a bit weird, it seems that it collaps with the left side of the deployment screen, i dont think this is the problem but have u tried to re-size the map a low resolution like 2000x2000? (and be sure the map fits fine on the right side of the deployment screen)

I don’t know much about modding…but have you tried putting an unholy long range gun on any of your ships to see if they’re actually targeting something?
From what I know, ships move to the closest available target, (Even though you established there’s no ships below the boundary), but maybe your ships can still shoot at it.

Just a thought…good for s#its and giggles if nothing else…

im very sure theres nothing, besides ship movement and turret targetting are seperate. … medium.txt AI fleet, easy med and hard are all the same. … eadway.txt scenario file

I don’t think it’s the reason at all but the ai_deployment line has the coordinates for the bottom-left corner mirrored. It should be:

ai_deployment = 0,0,3072,6144

This way the deployment fits with the scenario limits (as if that affected anything, ai can deploy anywhere without any trouble). I don’t think that’s what causing the problem though.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong in the deployment. All ships are inside the scenario limits.

I’ll run a couple of tests with similar files to see if I can catch the cause.

no that didnt do anything, tbh i dont know anything that the AI deplyment does do…

Yea, I also don’t know at all if it affects anything the ai deployment.
I’ve just tested the map with similar data and it seems that the ships placed inside a 3072x3072 square in the upper part work fine but the rest go all the way down to the bottom and they get stuck there (even ships that were going fine will start going down if they get out of that ‘safe’ square).

I’m doing now some serious testing with the sizes to see what exact factors cause this, I can only say that this seems a big bug of the game caused by not using square scenarios or when having certain x,y size ratios.


-Increased x size to 4096. Now the ‘safe’ square is 4096x4096. I’ll keep editing this with my results to avoid multiple posting.

-Increased x size to 5120. Now the ‘safe’ square is 5120x5120.

-Done the useless test of the scenario at 6144x6144. Everything works fine.

-Increased to a 6144x12288 scenario. ‘Safe’ square is around 6144x6144 [size=85]but there seems to be a 100-300 error margin where ships will randomly go up or down. This needs more accurate testing.[/size] Ignore that, some ships where lured down by some enemy ships due to different engage orders.

-Tested a 3072x12288 scenario. ‘Safe’ square around 3072x3072. Half the enemy fleet went down ignoring my ships and my ships placed at coords ouside that obviously did the same. Screeny

  • Crazy test of a 1024x12288 scenario. The few ships that where in the ‘safe’ square went to the left border and sat there waiting for the enemy ships to come, the rest just went to the bottom of the map. This demonstrates that enemy ships that are outside the square in x axis behave normally (my upper ships only went down after my missiles killed the enemies that were outside the map nearby). Note: The enemy didn’t show much effort of getting inside the map (long engage orders), that means that an enemy already outside the map may won’t go inside the scenario but player ships will avoid going outside the scenario limits and if they do they’ll try to get inside again.

The first problem is u had 6144 as the start ai deployment point and the size of the map is 3xxx long (be aware the deployment area is X * Y first start point x and start point y and second ending point x and ending point y). So maybe some ship that are out of the logical ai deployment zone are just bugged.
Second, some of your ships had on the behaviour parameter stablished that they attack cruisers and frigates at 1000 and fighters at 740. U should lower that value, maybe the ship hasnt weapons with that shot range and they get stucked.

I’ve already fixed the ai deployment values in my tests and it affects nothing so that’s not the reason.

About the 2nd point that doesn’t explain why with a BIG map (6144x12288) my ships go 6k distance down, start moving in circles at the bottom and ignore all the enemy fresh meat that is lurking the upper part of the map. Also, the problem is with any ship, I’ve placed the enemy with the same file that sudazima posted and they behave completely normal as long as they are in that ‘safe’ square.

ships with the same orders and the same hull and the same loadout behave very differently in “wierd” map sizes, it doesnt seem have to do anything with any of that. besides my mod has different weapons with different ranges.
im now pretty sure it is some bug in the game engines ship behaviour with different map sizes.

From what I’m seeing in the tests with vertical maps that seems to be what’s happening. The enemy ships won’t always go all the way down and, sometimes, I see them stop, turn and try to engage my ships but shortly after they keep going down. Player ships outside that ‘safe’ area go down whatever I do with them.

Considering cliff made all gsb scenarios with square dimensions it’s normal that he never saw this bug in ships behaviour. Well, he fixed the size limit issue, so he may even have a look at this after he finishes the campaign.

Yea i noticed your post after i wrote mine.

Maybe the problem is just the vertical resolution of the map size, i noticed i never tried that type of map, my maps are always squared ones or bigger in the x axis, i think no one thought on that type of ma, not even clinfski -.- the solution is simple, make the map squared to 3072x3072. Thats big enough, if u think its small, use another background or just make the deployment scenario bigger, but keeping the size squared…

It seems like the AI “want” to go to the “normal/original” combat zone. i mean, ships are doing what they do when they leave the visible map…
And diagonal movement to the same point is justified by the AI needing of reach the firing range, i think… am I right?
sorry but, I dont know if this help, i dont know anything about game coding, even modding… going to learn it :smiley:
Maybe some error or uncompatibility on the shape of the map. When the ships reach the normal combat zone, they continue fighting?
Another thing, do you are going to launch a Angels Fall First mod?! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: