[Ship] Carrier Class

There should be a carrier for figthers and bombers. They would be able to launch said fighters and bombers. Also have alittle defensive weaponns and should rely on the main fleet for protection.

i agree, you can’t have a naval battle without a carrier; nor a space one. but don’t think this won’t work out, because i read one of cliffski’s posts saying that he wants to include them in the final patch or something like that. so just keep waiting and hoping, and you might get it!

jutland wasn’t naval? oh.

–SNORT-- (tries to avoid spraying coffee all over keyboard) Well played. :wink:

[serious Great War history geek here, esp. concerning naval warfare!]

I’ll just throw in that the ability to repair the fighters would be nice as well. If you had a default command for them to return after taking 50% damage they would fly back to the carrier, repair, and fly back out. Sure this would make fighters last longer possibly making them even more imbalanced than they are now, but at the same time that would mean a ship would only have to damage a fighter enough to cause it to break off then head back to its carrier to repair instead of outright destroying it. At the same time only a few fighters would actually have enough time after taking 50% damage to actually retreat, and repair. Just a thought.