Ship designs by IST_Company

Since i was gone for a little while i was busy with my ships design with different ships name, first word: Order, Tribe, Swarm and others, but the Federation i using, the first word is IST, actually it is Spore game it belongs, IST should be a community but i left Spore game, and i can use IST everytime, it is my favorite tag ever.

I could tell about IST, but it could be a spam. ANYWAY, my ships design are little perfect, so i have created 50 maybe more ships. I was about to buy MacBook Air or Pro, but it cost LOT of moneys, 10 000 in my country, well the moneys is crowns not dollars or euros.

About telling IST, it must be spam? IST: Imperial Secret Technology, overly-dramatic name but little perfect. IST is using to create vehicles and spaceships, unfortunately i left Spore you know. I would like to return but some games must be played.

Anyway, what question will you ask about my ships design. Awating for comments…



As far as I can determine, you have not yet shared any ship designs on this web forum. This means you have given us nothing to comment on.

It is very difficult to understand what you expect of us, or what “IST” is supposed to be, and why you believe it has relevance to GSB. I do not want you to spam this forum with faction info or lore from another game.

However, I’m pleased that you enjoy playing GSB; may you continue to do so for a long time. :wink:

Yep. To be honest, it’s very hard to follow the rules, but i should try. But i’m very pleased that someone helps.

English word for me, very hard to speak or write, sometimes that someone can not understand me what i’m saying.

Oooh, as a space cadet (EDIT: well it changed) or newbie in forum, i don’t know how. But at least i will learn how to do it.