Ship Hull Chooser problem

cliffski, I’ve become aware of a recent UI change in the Ship Hull Chooser that’s had an unintended but negative effect for hulls modded in a certain way.

Some weeks ago on the Mod Forum, I introduced a dreadnought hull for the game (thread here). It was well-received at the time, but a game change since then now prevents its use by players new to it (post here).

As originally created, the font size and line spacing in the Ship Hull Chooser easily allowed a ship with more than two bonuses to be accessed. Unfortunately, the text for more than three bonuses now invisibly obscures the “OK” button to such an extent that such a hull can never be chosen for new construction! Examination shows that that the tighter line spacing used previously has been changed to a much more loose formatting. I believe that this change should be rescinded in favour of the original tighter text spacing and/or font size.

Alternatively, if the existing UI text formatting is kept, then I strongly suggest that the user’s “Enter” key be mapped to the “OK” button. This would eliminate the problem entirely. This functionality would also improve the click-through speed on other game screens as well. Ideally, I would like to see both changes made: the keyboard mapping above as well as the text-formatting reversion.

Thanks in advance for your review of this problem and consideration of my suggested fixes.

Or just add scroll arrows for the bonuses if they extend out of the window.

I’ll have to do this for the next patch, 1.19 was a bit of an emergency fix to problems that 1.18 introduced :smiley: (plus a long overdue feature)

oh god, the enter key part may be a problem. unless it’s in the same place as it is in american keyboards.