Ship hull not found - HELP

Help! After installation of Conquest game crash. I uninstall all components, delete directory, reinstall game and after main pack installation I have error “Ship hull not found”, when I install rest of components (Nomads, additional ships and conquest - all from Positech) game starts but after few seconds crash with no error.
If the problem is silly - apologize, but I can’t find any helpful information.

The mostly likely cause for that message is when you have had a mod or expansion pack/SDLC installed, created some ships, and then uninstalled the mod or DLC.
All the ships you created are in the \ships folder under \mydocuments\my games\gratuitous space battles, so you can rename that.
To be sure, just rename that whole \gratuitous space battles folder and start again.

I foud the reason of my problem - I do not delete GSB folder from user folder\my games\gsb after uninstall. Because I have there ships from mods oryginal and pure GSB can’t start properly.
Thanks a lot cliffski.
Bets regards!