Ship name lists

Has anyone done their own ship name text files?

I was thinking of doing some ship lists and then posting them, maybe others could contribute some to the list?

ships v4

make a new text file called Newships.txt and paste the following inside, save it and copy to your shipnames folder (default : \Steam\steamapps\common\gratuitous space battles\data\shipnames)

  • Updated with suggestions from other members.

[names] Accuser Achilles Adamant Adjudicator Admonitor Agamemnon Agonizer Akagi Alexander Allecto Amalthea Amun Antares Anubis Aphrodite Apollo Appalachia Archimedes Archon Arcos Ares Aries Aristotle Armstrong Artemis Assassin Athena Atlantis Atlas Augustine Aura Avarice Avenger Aventine Basilisk Bastet Beech Beethoven Belisarius Bellicose Berkeley Berlin Bobcat Boudica Brigand Brunel Budapest Caesar Cairo Callisto Calypso Carolina Centaur Ceres Chaos Charleston Charon Chekov Cheyenne Chikuma Chimaera Chokai Chronos Clement Cloud Cochraine Colossus Columbia Columbus Concorde Conqueror Conquest Constantinople Constellation Constitution Copernicus Cortéz Courageous Crockett Da Vinci Dakota Danube Darwin Dauntless Defender Defiant Denver Descartes Devastator Dione Discovery Disorder Drake Duke Duplicity Einstein Emancipator Emperor Endevour Endurance Engager Enterprise Eos Equinox Eros Esquline Eternal Eviscerator Excelsior Executor Exeter Faraday Fearless Firestorm Fleming Franklin Freedom Freyja Fury Gage Gaia Galileo Gandhi Ganges Ganymede Garrett Gauntlet Gauss Geronimo Gettysburg Glory Goliath Gorkon Grissom Gryphon Gulf Hades Hammer Hana Hathaway Hathor Havana Heisenberg Helios Hermes Honshu Hood Hope Horatio Horizon Hornet Horus Hydra Hyperion Imhotep Immortal Impenetrable Imperator Inexorable Infinity Interrogator Intrepid Invincible Io Irrational Isis Isuzu Jenolen Jintsu Judicator Juni Junyo Jupiter Kako Katsuragi Kearsarge Keaton Kepler Khepri Khitomer Kinu Kinugasa Kirishima Kitakami Kongo Kuma Kumano Kusa LaSalle Lakota Lantree Leeds Lexington Loki Luna Mackenzie Magellan Majestic Malice Malinche Manticore Marconi Mars Maryland Mekong Melbourne Merciless Mercury Mercy Merrimack Michaelangelo Mikuma Missionary Mist Mogami Monarch Monitor Musash Mutsu Myoko Nachi Nagara Nagato Napoleon Nash Nautilus Nebuchadnezzar Neko Nemesis Nephthys Newton Nightingale Nobel Nyx Oberon Oceanus Odin Odyssey Osiris Pascal Pasteur Pathfinder Pegasus Peremptory Perpetual Peters Phoebe Picasso Plato Pluto Portland Poseidon Positivity Potemkin Predator Princeton Prokofiev Prometheus Proxima Pulsar Punisher Quirinal Ra Rabin Rage Raman Raphael Rasputin Reckoning Relativity Relentless Reliance Render Republic Repulse Resolution Retribution Rhea Rhode Island Rio Grande Robinea Roosevelt Rubicon Rutledge Sakana San Francisco Sarajevo Saratoga Sarek Saturn Scarab Sekhmet Serenity Seth Shadow Shakespeare Shenandoah ShirKahr Shokaku Sitak Sobek Socrates Sol Sora Sorrow Sovereign Spector Sphynx Spirit Stalker Stargazer Steadfast Taiho Taiyou Tamago Tartarus Tatsuta Tenryu Tesla Themis Thor Thoth Thunder Tiki Titan Tolstoy Tormentor Trident Tripoli Triton Triumph Tsuki Tuscany Tyrant Ultima Ulysses Unity Uranus Valdemar Valiant Vanderbilt Vanguard Vendetta Vengeance Venture Venus Victory Virgil Virulence Volga Warrior Washington Wellington Whirlwind Wright Wyoming Yamaguchi Yamamoto Yamashiro Yamato Yeager Yellowstone Yorktown Yosemite Yukon Zapata Zeus Zhukov

If anyone is interested I can split off the Japanese names into a separate file, there are a lot of them.

Hey mate, There is a edit button, and most of these names are pretty good

I’ve recently updated my lists…
here is a rather decent sized selection of serious and not so serious names,

Accuser Adamant Adarga Admonitor Adjucator Adjudicator Agonizer Allecto Assassin Avarice Avenger Basilisk Bellicose Chimaera Colosses Conqueror Conquest Courageous Devastator Direption Emancipator Engager Eviscerator Freedom Firestorm Gauntlet Garrett Glory Hammer Hydra Inflexible Intrepid Immortal Imperator Inexorable Interrogator Invincible Judicator Majestic Malice Manticore Monarch Nemesis Peremptory Predator Pulsar Punisher Rage Reckoning Red Gauntlet Redoubtable Relentless Reliance Render Resolution Retribution Stalker Steadfast Stormhawk Thunderflare Tormentor Triumph Tyrant Ultima Vanguard Vendetta Vengeance Virulence Warrior Whirlwind

Perpetual notion Prosthetic Conscience Nervous Energy Determinist Eschatologist Irregular Apocalypse No More Mr Nice Guy Profit Margin Revisionist Trade Surplus The Ends Of Invention Clear Air Turbulence Screw Loose Flexible Demeanour Just Read The Instructions Of Course I Still Love You So Much For Subtlety Limiting Factor Youthful Indiscretion Unfortunate Conflict Of Evidence Gunboat Diplomat Kiss My Ass Prime Mover Just Testing Very Little Gravitas Indeed Xenophobe What Are The Civilian Applications? Size Isn't Everything Congenital Optimist Sweet and Full of Grace Different Tan Fate Amenable To Change Grey Area Problem Child Reasonable Excuse Jaundiced Outlook Recent Convert Attitude Adjuster Tactical Grace Shoot Them Later Highpoint Steely Glint Killing Time Frank Exchange Of Views Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The Death and Gravity Ethics Gradient Honest Mistake Limivorous No Fixed Abode Quietly Confident Uninvited Guest Use Psychology What Is The Answer and Why? It's Character Forming Yawning Angel Zero Gravitas Serious Callers Only Not Invented Here Charitable View I Blame My Mother I Blame Your Mother Break Even Appeal To Reason Peace Makes Plenty Within Reason Just Passing Through You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave You Naughty Monsters Transient Atmospheric Phenomenon Subtle Shift In Emphasis Pure Big Mad Boat Man Liveware Problem Now We Try It My Way It's My Party And I'll Sing If I Want To Lightly Seared On The Reality Grill Don't Try This At Home Eight Rounds Rapid Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall Wisdom Like Silence Only Slightly Bent I Thought He Was With You A Series Of Unlikely Explanations Never Talk To Strangers Big Sexy Beast Funny, It Worked Last Time... Ultimate Ship The Second Arrested Development Credibility Problem A Ship With A View Dramatic Exit, Or, Thank you And Goodnight Excuses And Accusations Halation Effect Minority Report Just Another Victim Of The Ambient Morality Not Wanted On Voyage Helpless In The Face Of Your Beauty Sacrificial Victim Stranger Here Myself Unwitting Accomplice The Precise Nature Of The Catastrophe Undesirable Alien You Would If You Really Loved Me Well I Was In The Neighbourhood You'll Thank Me Later Nuisance Value Sanctioned Parts List Resistance Is Character-Forming Someone Else's Problem All Through With This Niceness And Negotiation Stuff Lacking That Small Match Temperament Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again We Haven't Met But You're A Great Fan Of Mine All The Same, I Saw It First Ravished By The Sheer Implausibility Of That Last Statement Charming But Irrational Demented But Determined Lucid Nonsense You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here Awkward Customer Advanced Case Of Chronic Patheticism Another Fine Product From The Nonsense Factory Conventional Wisdom Fine Till You Came Along Inappropriate Response A Momentary Lapse Of Sanity Pride Comes Before A Fall Now Look What You've Made Me Do Kiss This Then Lasting Damage

Schimera, is it ok to combine your list into mine? if I give you credit.

I kinda made a star-trek name list, going by what i could pull off wiki. :slight_smile:

[names] Gryphon Rabin Spector Thunderchild Geronimo Leyte Gulf Dakota Adelphi Enterprise Excalibur Exeter Gandhi Horatio Valdemar Yamaguchi Zhukov Drake Prokofiev Antares Hermes Agamemnon Ajax Clement Gage Bradbury Armstrong Buran Kearsarge Cheyenne Ahwahnee Portland Constellation Gettysburg Hathaway Magellan Stargazer Victory Constitution Defiant Excalibur Farragut Hood Intrepid Kongo Lexington Potemkin Yorktown Pegasus Horizon Carolina Archon Danube Gander Ganges Mekong Orinoco Rio Grande Rubicon Shenandoah Volga Yangtzee Kiang Yukon Thomas Calhoun Tuscany Robinea Peters Scarab Valiant Alexander Defender Monitor Arcos LaSalle Al-Batani Berlin Cairo Charleston Crazy Horse Crockett Excelsior Farragut Fearless Fredrickson Gorkon Grissom Lakota Malinche Melbourne Repulse Roosevelt Concorde Firebrand Kearsarge Odyssey Trident Trinculo Venture Dauntless San Francisco Tripoli Nobel Pasteur Bellerophon Pathfinder Havana Sarajevo Constantinople Luna Titan Oberon Io Triton Ganymede Amalthea Callisto Rhea Charon Galatea Wyoming Trieste Brattain Brigand Helin Lantree Majestic Nautilus Reliant Saratoga ShirKahr Sitak Tian An Men Trial Bellerephon Bonchune Farragut Honshu Leeds Lexington Merrimack Prometheus Proxima T'Kumbra Ulysses Nightingale Khitomer Berkeley Rutledge Princeton Wellington Budapest Equinox Rhode Island Bobcat Columbia Avenger Cochraine Copernicus Grissom Oberth Raman Tsiolkovsky Yosemite Aries Hornet Maryland Akagi Tolstoy DaVinci Endurance Yeager Keaton Yellowstone Sovereign Chekov Appalachia Zapata Jenolen Nash Aventine Esquline Quirinal Drake Fleming Relativity Denver Centaur Cortéz Republic Sarek Flurnoy Calypso Cousteau

yeah, use it all you want mate.

Cool thanks, same question goes to captainhair? OK to use those in the master list?

Rofl! great name!

Here’s the batch of names I used for my Tau’ri mod. Basically since in the show they were naming almost all of them Greek, Roman, or Germanic names I went ahead and just continued that.

[names] AESIR ANDHRIMNIR ANGRBODA ASTRILD ATLA AUDHUMLA BEYLA BORGHILD BRAGI BRONO BYLGIA DAGUR DISEN EIR ELLI FENRIR FORSETI FREYA FREYR FRIGG GEFION GERD HEIMDALL HEL HERMOD HOD HOLLER IDUN JORD JORMUNGAND KARI KVASIR LAGA LOFN LOKI MAGNI MANI MIMING MIMIR MODI NJORD NORNS NOTT ODIN RAN SAGA SIF SJOFN SKADI SLEIPNIR SOL SYN THOR TYR ULL VALI VALKYRIES VANIR VAR VIDAR Apollo Bacchus Bellona Ceres Cupid Diana Faunus Flora Janus Juno Jupiter Lares Libintia Maia Mars Mercury Minerva Mithras Neptune Ops Pales Pluto Pomona Proserpine Saturn Venus Vertumnus Vesta Vulcan Aphrodite Apollo Ares Artemis Athena Demeter Dionysus Hades Helios Hephaestus Hera Hermes Hestia Persephone Poseidon Selene Zeus

Some more for your consideration.
(Major Norse deities)

[names] Baldr Borr Bragi Búri Dagr Delling Eir Forseti Freyja Freyr Frigg Fulla Gmot Hel Heimdallr Hermóðr Hlín Höðr Hœnir Iðunn Jörð Kvasir Lofn Loki Máni Mímir Nanna Nerþus Njörðr Nótt Odin Re`es Óðinn Sága . Sif Sjöfn Skaði Snotra Sol Thor Tiki Tree Ullr Váli Vár Vé Víðarr Vör Weth